01 September 2008

Isha Ambani,Vanisha Mittal and Pia Singh: Tops forbes Billionaire Heiresses list

Isha ambani daughter of Mukesh Ambani, Vanisha mittal daughter of Lakshmi Mittal and Pia Singh daughter of K P Singh were listed in the Forbes list of top three billionaire heiresses.

What it matters to them i don't know but to the world it matters a lot. To have billions in your satchel when even u even don't know the worth of money, is really called as "BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON". This can be determined by:
At an age of 16, just a teenager but Isha Ambani has her own stake in the family's Reliance Industries, worth about $80 million. Isha ambani is at 2nd richest heiress to the billionare Mukesh Ambani,Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). Isha Ambani is in the final year of her International Baccalaureate programme. Besides academics, where she has received several awards, she has interests in sports, arts, business and economy and international issues.

Indian-origin steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal's daughter Vanisha Mittal Bhatia has emerged as the potentially richest among those standing to inherit a fortune, according to US business magazine Forbes.
Mittal was ranked as the fourth richest person in the world in March when Forbes published its annual rich list, followed by Mukesh Ambani at the fifth rank.
"Perhaps best known for the $60 million wedding her father(Lakshmi Mittal) threw for her in 2004, she (Vanisha) now serves as a director on the board of dad's $103 billion steel company, ArcelorMittal,"

About Indian realty baron K P Singh's daughter Pia Singh, ranked third in the heiresses list, the magazine said she already holds a stake worth $400 million in the country's biggest real estate firm.

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