31 March 2009

April Fool sms jokes, shayari, funny sms, msg, sms hindi greetings, tricks, pranks, images, wallpapers, videos: All free

april fool greeting wallpaper @ http://hallosushant.blogspot.com April Fool SMS [messages]: 
Sardar got into a bus on 1st April when conductor asked for ticket. He gave Rs.10/- and took the ticket and said april fool. I have Bus pass.
Jab tum aine ke paas jate ho to aina kehta hai  beautiful beautiful? aur jab tum aine se dur jate ho to aina kahata hai ? aprilfool, aprilfool ?
april fool greeting wallpaper @ http://hallosushant.blogspot.com
#### F$## FO$# FOO$ FOOL FoOl fOoL foOL FOOl fOoL FoOl http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ FOol foOL FOOL Pressing For What? Once a Fool Always a Fool..
Hey U Know Which is the best day to propose a girl? April 1 U Know Why?? http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ If she accept its your luck otherwise just tell April Foooooll
A day will come… When the whole world will, CELEBRATE: YOUR NAME YOUR FAME YOUR PERSONALITY YOUR THOUGHTS YOUR VIEWS But keep in mind, April Fool comes once a year. Congratulations!
Aisa Dostana hamara, Mai Kashti tu Kinara, Mai Dhanush tu Teer, Mai Matar tu Paneer, Mai Varsha tu Badal, Mai Hot tu Cool, Mai April tu…?
Watch ND tv news jaldi!!! India is selected for super 8 because Sirlanka, Players got cought in drug test! Bewakuf April fool!
FOOLse FOOLne FOOLonki FOOLwari me FOOL k sath wish kiya- 'O' FOOL, U r d mst beautiFOOL, wonderFOOL & colorFOOL amongst all FOOOLS... Happy FOOL's day. pl. dnt mind. In hasino se Rasme Wafa or Dil Lagana sarasar bhool hai… Jis din ye ikrar karen mohabbat ka, Samajh lena us din APRIL FOOL hai…!
April Fool Greetings: april fool greeting wallpaper @ http://hallosushant.blogspot.com April Fool Pranks and Tricks: These are not SMS,  just an April Fool Trick:
Place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the toilet tank. The next person to flush the toilet will be greeted with an overwhelming amount of bubbles. Glue and Water Take a cup and put some glue and some water mix it up and put it on top of a door, open it just a http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ bit, have some one go out of it. When a person goes out of it they will get it all on top of them. p.s. you can put milk and glue in a cup. april fool greeting wallpaper @ http://hallosushant.blogspot.com Tape the Mouse Ball Take a piece of clear tape and place it over the mouseball. This will prevent the mouse ball from turning and frustrate the user. This trick is quite easy for the user to figure out and it is easy to set up. However, if you really want to be cruel, slightly unplug the mouse cable from the computer as well. Bad Phone Connection Pick one friend that you are going to abuse. Every time you call them at home, pretend that you cannot hear them when they speak. "Hello? Hello?" *click* Everytime they call you, do the exact same thing. You can always add in a few lines such as, "I don't know who you are, but this isn't a funny joke." http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ If you see them on the street, act suprised and relieved. "Oh that's YOU calling me. Here I thought it was a crank caller!" Usually they will blabber out some apology and all the time you can smile to yourself knowing you are really pulling one over on them. Grease the Phone Place Vaseline on the ear piece of a telephone receiver.http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ In a pinch, a tab of butter will work just as well. Or first aid cream. This prank can also be used on unattended cell phones. Bathroom Pudding Smear chocolate pudding all over a bathroom. Works best in public bathroom, as people will most likely not clean it up. They will just try to avoid it but at the same time think its poo. Frozen Bra While your female roomie is asleep, take her bra, wet it and put it in the freezer. Then before she http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ wakes up put it back. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait til she puts it on in the morning. Dandruff Prank Very quietly sneek up on your victim and shake some salt into his hair. Your victim will think he has dandruff. Cellophane Toilet Bowl Prank Place clear cellophane over the toilet bowl but under the seat. Works best at parties where a large percentage of the people are drunk.
Great April fool Videos: [Click here]
Have a happy, healthy, funny, prankfull 1st April.
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30 March 2009

MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under 29th March 2009 episode 18 [GOLD COAST VOTE OUT]: Watch Online and Free Download

Hero Honda MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under Now in Australia
MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under : watch all episodes online and download for free.
MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under : watch all auditions online and download for free.
You can watch online MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under 29th March 2009 episode 18
MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under 29th March 2009 episode 18
GOLD COAST VOTE OUT: Watch out who is going to be out!!!!!!!!!!
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29 March 2009

CROCODILE PARK AT NEYYAR [KERALA] :Crocodile Rehabilitation and Research Centre in memory of Aussie crocodile hunter and environmentalist Steve Irwin

The Neyyar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala has been catapulted to international fame with the opening of the Crocodile Rehabilitation and Research Centre in memory of the recently departed Aussie crocodile hunter and environmentalist Steve Irwin. The centre is a feather in the cap for Neyyar Dam-and indeed for Tourism in God's Own Country- which already boasts of a lion safari park, deer park, boating facilities and one of the biggest landscaped gardens in the South. Forest and Tourism authorities are hopeful that the centre would attract more tourists and animal lovers to this popular picnic spot.

This is, incidentally, the first memorial in the world for Steve Irwin, famous for his fearless and tender handling of even the deadliest of wildlife species. 44-year-old Irwin ws tragically killed by a sting ray attack off the Great Barrier Reef in September 2006.

A life-size plaque of Irwin with a crocodile welcomes visitors to the centre, set up by the Department of Forest and Wildlife at Markunnam in the sanctuary. With the shifting of 25 muggers(Crocodylus palustris) from the adjacent crocodile farm, the Centre has now been thrown open to the public.The Rehabilitation and research centre has been set up as per the guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority.

Two artificial ponds have been artificially created for the muggers, and a third one os in the offing as more of them arrive. Chief Wildlife Warden and Chief Conservator of Forests, V.S.Varghese made it clear that literature on different species of crocodiles will be made available to visitors at the Centre.

It is intended to equip the Centre, running of which has been entrusted with the local Eco Development Committee, to study the behavioural aspects of the muggers. The food and other aspects of the crocodiles are taken care of by the forest authorities.

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Ayurveda [Knowledge of life]: A Tourist Guide to Ayurveda - an integral part of Kerala Tourism

Ayurveda is the most ancient of India’s health sciences, developed over the centuries by the sages through painstaking research. ‘Ayurveda’ translates into ‘knowledge of life’, and teaches us not only to cure diseases but also how to ward off illness by leading a healthy life – healthy in the physical as well as mental sense.

Only from very keen observation of nature and life, for hundreds of years, could such a life science have been formulated. Its approach is totally holistic in nature, treating man as a whole and caring equally for his physical, mental and spiritual health.

It can safely be asserted that, today, Kerala is the only State in India which practises this traditional system of medicine with absolute dedication.In fact, it is today a Rs. 6500 crore industry and growing at a rate of eight percent annually! Kerala's equable climate, natural abundance of forests with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants , and the cool monsoon season (June - November) are ideally suited for Ayurveda's curative and restorative packages.Today, Ayurveda is very much an integral part of Kerala tourism.

Ayurveda breaks down the human body into three fundamental elements:
  1. Doshas – representing the physio-chemical and physiological activities of the body
  2. Dhatu – denoting the materials forming the basic structure of a body cell
  3. Malas – representing the substances which are partly used in the body and partly excreted after serving their physiological purpose.

The role of the physician is to comprehend the imbalance, if any, that has occurred to the dynamic equilibrium of these three elements and take measures for its correction. The physical and mental co-operation of the patient, in making the necessary changes in his lifestyle and food habits, is essential to restore the dynamic balance to the body.

Ayurveda lays special emphasis on prevention of diseases, describing vividly the signs and symptoms by which the illness can be foreseen and preventive steps taken. It also lays down instructions on how to live, in perfect health, in different climactic conditions.

Ayurveda believes that the health of a man is influenced to a great degree by his environment and teaches us how to make changes to our daily and seasonal routines according to age, sex and environment. These routines include diet and the general attitude towards life. Ayurveda also has a separate branch – ‘Rasayana’, to maintain youth and vitality.

Traditional texts reveal that the monsoon is the best season for rejuvenation programmes. The atmosphere remains dust-free and cool, opening the pores of the body to the maximum, making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.

A word of caution to the tourist, though – make your choice of treatment centre with utmost caution and after careful scrutiny; ensure that it is a licensed institution, since numerous centres have sprung up lately with the sole intention of making a fast buck. You may end up getting treatment – and a big hole in your pocket – there, but rest assured it will not be a strictly ‘Ayurvedic’ one. On the other hand, the genuine centres provide great value for money and you will return home a totally different and rejuvenated person!

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28 March 2009

Stress and Anxiety: Effects and herbal Remedies.

In the modern world of today we are constantly being bombarded with high levels of stress and anxiety. These stresses can be
  • physical,
  • mental or
  • environmental.
They place an enormous strain on our physical and mental health. Most of us are aware that excessive stress can affect our:
  • Ability to think straight,
  • our digestive system,
  • adrenal glands and
  • heart.
  • Research has however shown that whenever a stressful situation arises, there is a knock on effect.
Firstly stress :
  • Limits the blood supply going to the stomach, this hampers the digestive system and a temporary shut down of our immune system may follow. If we are overwhelmed with stress for an extended period we are likely to experience fatigue and exhaustion. Although it may not be possible to avoid these stress factors in our lives there is help available.
There are many natural herbal supplements, known for they’re relaxing properties which assist in combating the harmful effects of anxiety and stress. Several herbs are usually incorporated together to make a powerful formula. We will take a look at some of the individual herbs, which go to make up some of these potent anti- anxiety supplements: - Jujube+Seeds++hypnotic+and+anti-anxiety+effect+used+for+hysteria,+fatigue,+sleeplessness,+debility+and+restlessness
  • Jujube Seeds: - hypnotic and anti-anxiety effect used for hysteria, fatigue, sleeplessness, debility and restlessness.
  • Magnolia Bark: - has anti anxiety, anti stress properties, lowers the cortisol, promotes relaxation and improves the mood.
  • Potassium: -sustains the fluid and electrolyte balance, discharges energy from carbohydrate, protein and fat, assists in conveying nerve impulses.
  • Magnesium: -is a trace mineral and its chief role is manufacturing and transporting energy, relaxing and contracting the muscles, assisting some enzymes with their task in the body and mixing proteins.
  • Valerian Root: - It supports a feeling of calmness, improves sleep, reduces anxiety levels and facilitates relaxation of the central nervous system. Valerian root is non addictive and does not cause morning tiredness. It also is useful in slowing the heart in those who have the condition known as tachycardia.
  • Melatonin: -is one of the most dominant antioxidants in the brain. It restores metabolism, improves the quality of sleep and slows down degenerative diseases of the brain such as Parkinson’s. Melatonin can control extreme cortical production and is therefore effectual in reducing stress levels and regulating sleep cycles.
http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ Vitamin B complex contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 are all essential vitamins for the nervous system
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Know Familial Mediterranean Fever: Causes and Treatment

What is familial Mediterranean fever?

Familial Mediterranean fever is an inherited condition characterized by recurrent episode of painful inflammation in the abdomen, chest, or joints. These episodes are often accompanied by fever and sometimes a rash. The first episode usually occurs in childhood or the teenage years, but in some cases, the initial attack occurs much later in life. Typically, episodes last 12 to 72 hours and can vary in severity. The length of time between attacks is also variable. Without treatment to help prevent attacks and complications, a buildup of certain protein deposits (amyloidosis) in the body's organs and tissues may occur, which can lead to kidney failure.

How common is familial Mediterranean fever?

Familial Mediterranean fever primarily affects populations originating in the Mediterranean region, particularly people of Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, and Jewish ancestry. The disorder affects from 1 in 250 people to 1 in 1,000 people in these populations. It is less common in other populations.

What genes are related to familial Mediterranean fever?

Mutations in the MEFV gene cause familial Mediterranean fever. The MEFV gene provides instructions for making a protein called pyrin (also known as marenostrin), which is found in white blood cells. This protein is involved in the immune system, helping to regulate the process of inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the immune system sends signaling molecules and white blood cells to a site of injury or disease to fight microbial invaders and facilitate tissue repair. When this has been accomplished, the body stops the inflammatory response to prevent damage to its own cells and tissues.

Mutations in the MEFV gene reduce the activity of the pyrin protein, which disrupts control of the inflammation process. An inappropriate or prolonged inflammatory response can result, usually accompanied by fever and pain in the abdomen, chest, or joints.

Normal variations in the SAA1 gene may modify the course of familial Mediterranean fever. Some evidence suggests that a particular version of the SAA1 gene (called the alpha variant) may increase the risk of amyloidosis among people with familial Mediterranean fever.

Read more about the MEFV and SAA1 genes.

How do people inherit familial Mediterranean fever?

Familial Mediterranean fever is almost always inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, which means both copies of the gene in each cell have mutations. The parents of an individual with an autosomal recessive condition each carry one copy of the mutated gene, but they typically do not show signs and symptoms of the condition.

In rare cases, this condition appears to be inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, in which one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the disorder and affected individuals often inherit the mutation from one affected parent. However, there are other possible explanations of this apparent pattern. A gene mutation that occurs frequently in a population may result in a disorder with autosomal recessive inheritance appearing in multiple generations in a family, a pattern that mimics autosomal dominant inheritance. If one parent has familial Mediterranean fever (with two mutations in the MEFV gene) and the other parent is an unaffected carrier (with one mutation in the MEFV gene), it may appear as if the affected child inherited the disorder only from the affected parent. This appearance of autosomal dominant inheritance when the pattern is actually autosomal recessive is called pseudodominance.

Where can I find information about treatment for familial Mediterranean fever?

These resources address the management of familial Mediterranean fever and may include treatment providers.

You might also find information on treatment of familial Mediterranean fever in Educational resources andPatient support.

Where can I find additional information about familial Mediterranean fever?


You may find the following resources about familial Mediterranean fever helpful. These materials are written for the general public.

You may also be interested in these resources, which are designed for healthcare professionals and researchers.

What other names do people use for familial Mediterranean fever?

  • Benign paroxysmal peritonitis
  • Familial paroxysmal polyserositis
  • FMF
  • Hereditary Periodic Fever Syndromes
  • Mediterranean Fever, Familial
  • MEF
  • Periodic Disease
  • Periodic peritonitis
  • Recurrent polyserositis
  • Reimann periodic disease
  • Siegal-Cattan-Mamou disease
  • Wolff Periodic Disease

What if I still have specific questions about familial Mediterranean fever?

Where can I find general information about genetic conditions?

What glossary definitions help with understanding familial Mediterranean fever?

References (13 links)

The resources on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. Users seeking information about a personal genetic disease, syndrome, or condition should consult with a qualified healthcare professional. See How can I find a genetics professional in my area? in the Handbook.

This article has been refrenced from :

Genetics Home Reference(visit for more information)

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Vastu Home Design Tips for a Happy Married Life and Relationship

Marriage ring choice
Vastu leads to a happy married life which every couple dream of. Life becomes joyful and peaceful if your life partner is compatible with you. Vastu defects may cause non compatibility with life partner. Everybody wants to live a successful and peaceful life. You also want to live a life which is enjoyable and happy, but you do not know why you become sad when you come to your house. You may feel that you are quite happy when you are far away from your house, you can feel some mood swings when you enter in your house. From a vastu perspective, if your home is not in proper balance, it may cause sadness, problem in relationships etc.
Like nature all five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are in balance. Your home can also be balanced there is a need to know the importance of structure that can benefit you. Balance the five elements in your home because each of the five elements is associated with each direction.
Northeast of your house is associated with water element. Open space in northeast of house is good for relationship and finances. Having water element in this direction without touching the diagonal axis is good for finances. If your financial condition is good, it has a positive effect on your relationship. An under ground water tank is good in this direction even though over head water tank is also water element, but if it is in northeast direction that can be stressful for you. Pooja room in northeast quadrant is also good. Bedroom in northeast may be the reason of lot of tension. Toilet, kitchen, store room and a missing northeast corner can cause stagnation in relationship.
The southeast of your house is associated with fire element. Kitchen, electrical equipments are placed in southeast of house are good for lively relationship. Avoid water elements in southeast as fire and water cannot live with each other. If there is cut southeast corner, your relationship can also be suffered. Master bedroom in southeast can cause quarrel in family.
The northwest of your house is associated with air element. If there is a cut corner in northwest or less open space in northwest, it may cause lack of communication between family members. Communication is the base of any relationship so it can affect your relationship with spouse. There can be mental instability due to blocked northwest. Toilet and guest room are recommended in this direction this may lead to proper communication which helps in stability of relationship.
The southwest area of your house is associated with earth element. Southwest master bedroom is helpful in stability of relationship. An extended southwest and cut corner in southwest can cause conflicts in relationship. A store room in southwest is a good option. Toilet, kitchen and under ground water tank are not recommended in southwest, it may affect a relationship.
Center of House (Brahmasthan) is associated with space element. A cluttered center of house or no open space in that part of house can cause poor communication in relationship. Toilet, kitchen and under ground water tank in the center of house may cause disagreement.       
Indian marriage style across fire
Vastu tips for happy Married Life
  • Keep bedroom in the south-west of the house.
  • Avoid bedroom in south-east as this is a fire place. It may lead to the clashes between the couple.   
  • Place bed in the southwest portion of the bedroom. Avoid placing bed in northern and eastern zone of the bedroom. It may cause mental stress and financial instability.
  • Keep head-side of the bed in south direction.
  • Use wooden bed instead of metal bed. 
  • Always build square or rectangle bedrooms which bring peace and love in life. 
  • Paint walls in light colors like green, light blue, rose pink. Avoid red color in bedroom. 
  • Place kitchen appliances/objects like gas and sink that represents fire and water respectively properly. You should place gas in South-east and water in North-east or North.   
  • Keep money in northern or eastern area of the house as it is an important part of the life.
  • Do not use Northeast bedroom in case you are newly wed couple.
  • Never place the bed under a beam. It may cause bad effects on health.
  • Avoid mirror in married couple’s bedroom. It may lead to quarrels between the couple. 
  • Avoid Computer and T.V in bedroom as they will reflect like a mirror. If you place T.V and Computer in bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night. 
  • Ensure that the under ground water tank is not in the south-west direction.  
  • Avoid paintings that symbolize death, violence and negative aspects of life.
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27 March 2009

Acne and Pimple Treatment: Ayurveda Tips


Herbal acne treatment is becoming very popular in acne treatments these days. This cannot but be connected with fact that many a times they left behind no after effect like chemically based treatment. One popular method of herbal acne treatment is through Ayurveda.

These type of herbs have been in traditional use since centuries in various parts of the world, most especially in India, that is the birthplace of the Ayurvedic form of medicinehttp://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

There are various home-based methods are used in Ayurveda acne scars treatment. Some of these home based methods of Ayurveda acne scar treatment are discussed below:http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/
  • The first to be considered is methi. It is called fenugreek in the English-speaking world, it is a bitter herb. About a teaspoonful of the seed are taken and put into about 1,000 to 1,500 ml of water. The mixture of melthi seed and water is boiled thoroughly and allowed to cool to room temperature. The herbal acne treatment solution is then smeared on the areas where acne has affected the skin. This needs to be done for about 7 days.http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/


  • The next herb to be considered is pudina which is known as mint in English. Their leaf is very valuable in Ayurveda acne scars treatment. Take about a dozen of mint leaves and squeezed under pressure in order to extract their juices. Add this directly to the scars for a quick and lasting healing effect.

  • Chandana is another herb that is very useful in Ayurveda acne scar treatment. It is called sandalwood and it is highly potent herb for treating skin-related disorders in Ayurveda. It is applied in the form of a paste. Sandalwood is kept submerged in water for a night, after which it will partially dissolve and form a paste. The paste is then rubbed on the skin where acne is present. The paste will desiccate and stiffen and after sometime it is removed by washing with cold water.http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

  • It is quite surprising that the neem tree had almost become an idol that is being worshiped in Ayurveda. This is due to its vast number of health benefits to the human bodies, especially in terms of treating skin disorders. The leaves have many benefits even possibly up to a thousand benefits and one of them is the Ayurveda acne scars treatment. The leaves are merely kept in contact with the acne scars by wetting them or with the help of a bandage to relieve the skin of them. This is a marvelous type of herbal acne scar treatmenthttp://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

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