23 April 2009

10 Steps to Use Workplace Conflict to Your Advantage.

Is there such a thing as a good fight? The willingness to
embrace conflict and turn a bad fight into a good one is a
hallmark of a great leader. And if you want to learn, there are
steps you can take to help turn negative conflicts into creative
1) Don't Despair, Prepare! 
First, and most importantly, know that sometimes it's best to
walk away from conflict. Know your `exit point' -– the point at
which it makes more sense to walk away from a conflict than it
does to work to manage the issue. There are times that it will
be your best option. 
Everyone has their own style of dealing with conflict.
Understand the different styles, identify yours and the styles
of your team. Learn to appreciate the diverse styles of others,
assume leadership when conflicts arise, and value the creative
spark that conflicts can kindle. 
2) Follow the Yellow Brick Road 
What is your goal? If you can agree on a common goal – to
creatively solve a problem, to generate a new idea or to sell
more product -– you'll have a better chance of harnessing the
conflict. Sometimes the root of a conflict is that you don't
even agree on what the problem is -– or that you're struggling
to address different issues. 
3) Reveal, Don't Conceal 
You must agree -– at least some extent -– to be vulnerable, to
reveal why you want something, and to declare what's really
important to you about an issue. When we're in conflict, we
always have a story – usually one that justifies our proposed
solution. Listen and try to understand the other person's story.
If the other person won't reveal their needs or interests, ask
open-ended questions and look for clues. 
4) Tackle the Problem , Not the Person 
Focus on the problem and persuade the other person to join you
in solving the problem. Make the problem your common enemy
rather than blaming the other person for causing the problem.
Try and discourage conflicts from becoming personal. 
5) Play Within Bounds 
Sometimes conflicts are caused by process problems rather than
substantive issues. If the other person remains difficult, start
talking more about standards and procedures than about the
problem. This can help you creatively manage a conflict that
seems like an unmovable object. 
6) Stir Up a Storm 
Brainstorm -- welcoming all suggestions -- then sort through
them all and determine which ones merit further study. Many of
us fall in love with our solutions and decide that our idea is
the only possibility. The best resolution for all concerned may
not be the one we had previously discussed. 
7) Take a Time Out 
Classic advocates of creative conflict management have used
this move throughout history. Martin Luther King Jr. suggested
we "go to the mountain" during conflict to gain the higher
ground and a better perspective on the problem. Gandhi retreated
to meditation and fasting during the most intense periods of his
struggle to free the Indian people. When things get heated or
stalled consider taking a time out to regroup. 
8) Talk Until You Drop 
People don't allow enough time for creative conflict
management. In our modern, instantaneous world we have lost our
patience. If you have decided the conflict is worth your time
and energy, make sure you allow sufficient time for management.
It usually takes longer than we think to produce good fights
instead of bad ones. 
9) Circle the Wagons 
When you reach an agreement or a creative solution, you need to
go through some sort of closure process. Arrange a time in the
future to review how the solution is working. Agree upon an
action plan to accomplish the goals of an agreement and decide
who does what, when and where. 
10) Write to Avoid New Fights 
Write down what you think you've agreed upon at various
stages. The process helps clarify your own thinking as well as
the agreement. We all tend to assume the meaning we ascribe to a
certain word or discussion is the same for everyone. This one
act will save you a world of hurt down the road. 
These ten steps can provide a roadmap to lead you skillfully
through using conflict to generate creativity. While you may not
need to use all ten for every situation, it's good to review
them before you try to resolve an issue. Then, you'll be able to
see where you're stuck and what you need to do to move forward.
For complex disputes, you may very well need to work your way
through all the steps with all the parties.
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21 April 2009

how to save earth, save earth slogans, save earth pictures, earth day, global warming pictures

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22! The day is soon approaching; it is a day that is being celebrated across the globe for maintaining a healthier environment and beautiful world. Earth day is all about preserving nature, spreading knowledge and creating an understanding for protecting environment.

Every one of us has its own living style. With little efforts on changing our lifestyle regarding minimum usage of resources, we can contribute a lot to the earth day and definitely go green and save earth. With few simple ways to follow that focuses on sustaining greener lifestyle, saving money and resources can lead to happier life.

- Save energy: Compact Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs ) are a way to save energy. The use of these bulbs must be preferred as they last longer and consume less energy compared to standard light bulbs. Energy efficient appliances as water heaters, washers and dryers must be used. Avoid washing clothes in hot water and use cold water; also minimize the use of dryers and make use of drying rack. Keep the electrical devices off when not in use; switch off your home electronics when possible; use a programmable thermostat as an effort for saving energy.

- Save water: Shower is a way for relaxation. Try taking shorter showers or make use of timers while you shower as this can greatly help in saving water. Get low-flow showerheads installed in your bathroom for lowering water bills. Keep your taps and showers off when not in use. Thus, a little care on water usage can help save gallons of water a day.

- Save gas and fuel: The best way to save gas and thus money is to minimize the use of fuel and prefer walking or riding. Less driving will definitely save fuel and reduces traffic and air pollution. Switch off engine of your vehicle at traffic lights or when not in use. Make use of public transport whenever possible and use fuel efficient vehicles as a way for saving gas and fuel.

- Recycle: Recycling is process of reusing items as a way to ensure and preserve nature. Make minimum use of paper; recycle your plastic bags, bottles, cans, paper etc. Energy can be conserved in industrial and commercial sector by recycling waste material. Even a trash can, cell phones or bins can be recycled. Try to focus more on the items that can be recycled and make efficient use of them such as grocery bags made of cloth must be used instead of opting plastic bags.

- Avoid using Bottled water: Bottled water is a way that produces great amount of waste. Water purifiers or using reusable bottles are the solution for bottled water. Tap water must be preferred for drinking. This will help to reduce waste and save energy.

These few tips can make a huge difference in saving earth. By going green, we are preserving earth and saving our planet.

Encourage healthier atmosphere by going green!
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The personal loan is often borrowed to meet the unforeseen expenses .But if you have the habit of using personal loans to meet needless expenses you are at risk .If the expense can wait till you get the required amount on your own ,then what is the need of personal loan The article throws light on factors to be kept in mind while going personal loan way.This article Questions that you should ask yourself.
  • Types of personal loans
  • Factors affecting personal loans
Tips on getting best deal personal loans
Here are some very simple personal loans tips that would help you make an informed decision about the type of loan to get and who and where you could get it from. The First Question you should be really asking yourself is:
  • Do I really need it?
  • Can I manage without a personal loan?
  • Is it for a frivolous expense- like a holiday- that I could really avoid?
  • Is it possible that I could secure the money by other means- like borrowing from a relative, taking up a part time job, sale of an asset? If you can avoid it, then don't take the monkey on your back!
  • A Personal Loan would vary according to certain factors
  • The amount that is to be borrowed
  • The rate of interest
  • Whether it is a fixed or a variable rate of interest
  • Loan repayment term( in months or years)
  • The down payment or deposit
  • The associated fees or costs- broker fees, prepayment fees, origination fees.
  • The insurance that the lender would require
In other words, you are buying a sum of money for more than it would cost the lender. It would be a mistake to consider only the rate of interest before taking a personal loan. There are also arrangements fees and penalties of prepayment that you would have to consider. Many of the "no-fee" credit lines carry with them a prepayment penalty. This is the way the lender/broker makes his profit. Please work out the total expenses of your small or big personal loan before signing up for the loan agreement.
Personal Loans are of various types, mainly Secured Personal Loans and Unsecured Personal Loans.
Secured Personal Loans
These loans are given by the lender upon the pledge of collateral by the borrower to secure the loan- like property, or a car. Subsequently as the lender stands to recover his money if there is any default in repayment, the rate of interest charged on the loan is less.
Unsecured Personal Loans
Such loans are given to the borrower with no pledge of collateral or security. As the lender faces a very high risk of losing his money should the borrower default on repayment, the interest rate is quite high.
Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loan
Here again the borrower with a history of bad credit rating is being given a loan without forwarding any collateral on his part. All the lender has is the borrower's signed promise to repay the loan. Therefore such personal loans are also called signature loans. Signature loans would be issued in full entirety upon the receipt of a signed activation letter or a letter of commitment from the prospective borrower. Consequently to protect the lender's money, the rate of interest charged would be high.
Guaranteed Personal Loan
A guaranteed personal loan comes with a requirement from the lender that the borrower must be having a certain level of income and a good credit rating. He should provide the lender with sufficient proof of his ability to make the repayment.
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18 April 2009

Bollywood actor and owner of Kolkata Knight Riders Shah Rukh Khan and also Shilpa Shetty At IPL in Cape Town: Best Picture from IPL

Bollywood actor and owner of Kolkata Knight Riders Shah Rukh Khan gives a thumbs up during a parade through the streets of Cape Town, ahead of the Indian Premier League Twenty20 matches to be held over the weekend in Cape Town. Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa Shah Rukh Khan IPL pics 2009 South Africa
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16 April 2009

A true Revenge_ think what will happen if...

how+to+shit+on+human+pigeon+reading human+bank+for+pigs human+crossing+for+zebra human+joystick+for+mouse
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13 April 2009

vishu kani, vishu greetings, vishu wishes, vishu greeting cards, vishu

Vishu wishes,vishu sms,vishu greetings,vishu messages,vishu cards, Chithirai,ecards,vishu pictures,vishu medan,vishu 2008,sms vishu, vishu panchang, panchangam vishu 2008, vishu video, telugu vishu,vishu date,vishu gif , vishu Flash,vishu Festival 2008, kerala festival, telugu festival, happy vishu, happy new year,Bengali new year
http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ vishu 2008 Official name Vishu Observed by Malayalee & Tamilians Hindus Date First day of Medam (Malayalam Calendar) Chithirai ( Tamil calander) 2007 date April 14 2008 date April 14 Observances Vishu Kani & Vishukkaineetam


VishuIntroduction The festival of Vishu is celebrated with joy and mirth on the first day of Malayalese month of Medam. This corresponds to the month of April-May according to Gregorian calendar. The occasion holds a lot of significance for Hindus as Vishu marks the Astronomical New Year Day. The traditional people of Kerala practice a lot of colorful rituals and customs on Vishu. Most of these traditions are based on a belief that Vishu must be celebrated well as the good things of the first day of the New Year will continue for the rest of the year too. Rituals and Traditions vishu,malayalam festival kerala Most important ritual of the day is called 'Kani Kanal', the literal translation of this is 'first sight'. In Kani Kanal there is a prescribed list of items, which a person must see first thing on a Vishu morning to bring good luck. This include a cadjan leaf book, gold ornaments, fresh white cloth, a measure of rice or paddy, flowers of the Konna tree (Cussia fistula), halved jack fruits, halved coconuts and yellow cucumber. All these things are kept in a big pot and behind this pot is kept the bell metal mirror and a garlanded deity of Lord Krishna. Two standing oil lamps are also placed before the deity. Preparations of Kani are done a night before by the lady of the house. Master of the house is the first person to Kani and then the other family members follow. Children are brought blind folded from their rooms to see Kani Kanal, the first thing in thehttp://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ morning. Vishu Kani is later distributed amongst the poor and needy people. Reason behind this ritual is the strong belief of the people that the fortune of the rest of the year depends on the first object they see on the Vishu day. There is also a tradition to give small amounts of cash to children of the family. This tradition is called Vishu Kaineetam. People believe that this custom will ensure prosperity for their children in future.A large number of people prefer to see Vishu Kani in temples. A huge rush of devotees can be seen in the temples of Guruvayur, Ambalapuzha and Sabarimala where special prayers are organised to mark the day. People stay overnight in the courtyards of these temples a night before Vishu so that they see Kani, first thing on Vishu in the temple. Devotees close their eyes and set their eyes on Kani and deity so that when the doors to the deity opens at 2:30 am, the first thing they see is Kani.
Celebrationshttp://hallosushant.blogspot.com/ A grand sadya (feast) is prepared by women of the house and the whole family sits together at lunch to relish it. Dishes are usually prepared from jackfruits, mangoes, pumpkins, and gourds besides other vegetables and fruits, which are in plenty at that time of the season. People also wear kodi vastram (new clothes) on this day. Patassu (fire crackers) are burst in the midst of dancing and merry to mark the day. A group of young men and women dress up as 'chozhi' , wearing a skirt of dried banana leaves and masks on their faces and go from house to house in the village dancing and collecting small amounts of money. On Vishu, these entertainers get good rewards for their performances. The money is spent on the Vishuwela (the New Year Fair). vishu,malayalam festival kerala

Vishu is the first day in the first Malayalam month of Medam (March – April). The traditional rituals followed in the festival is believed to usher in another year of prosperity for the Keralites. The Malayalees make elaborate preparations for this day to ensure that the year ahead will be a fruitful one by following the custom of seeing the Vishukani (auspicious sight) early in the morning. This festival shares the spirit that can be observed in all the festivals of spring – the spirit of hope and expectations that a new dawn brings with it.The people of kerala celebrate this festival in a traditional manner. They follow the custom of viewing the Vishukani( the lucky sight) in the morning of the festival. The vishukani is later taken and distributed among the poor people.

The people buy new clothes (kodi vastram) for the occasion and the elders of the family distribute tokens of money to the children, servants and tenants. These tokens are called the vishukaineetam and are usually in form of coins. People carry on this custombelieving that in this way, their children will be blessed with prosperity in future.

The families then celebrate the day with joyous abandon by bursting fire crackers after the vishukani. While the men and the children engage in bursting crackers, the women start cooking a variety of delicacies for the day's lunch. The feast or the 'sadya' is prepared by the women of the household and the whole family sits down to enjoy the vishu lunch together. The dishes prepared from the vegetables and fruits that are abundant in the season like jackfruits, mangoes, pumkins, a variety of gourds, and coconuts.

vishu,malayalam festival kerala  The young people of the village go from house to house, dancing and collecting money. They usually do this in groups dressed up as the ' chozhi' with dried banana leaves tied around their waists and masks on their faces. On this day, the people give money to them willingly.

By the evening they have enough money to spend in the Vishuwela (the new year fair). The evenings are spent in these fairs where there is a lot of revelry, with music and various dance troupes.

The famous temples like Guruvayur, Sabarimala and Padmanaba Shetram are filled with devotees. Special pujas are held in these temples where the people go to worship and pray for a prosperous New Year. They also view the Vishukanis that are prepared in each of these temples.

vishu,malayalam festival kerala vishu,malayalam festival kerala vishu,malayalam festival kerala View Flash vishu sms , vishu message Flash Vishu sms, message1 Flash Vishu sms, message2 Flash Vishu sms, message3 Flash Vishu sms, message4 Flash Vishu sms, message5 Flash Vishu sms, message6 Flash Vishu sms, message7 Flash Vishu sms, message8 Flash Vishu sms, message9 Flash Vishu sms, message10 Flash Vishu sms, message11

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Hero Honda MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under Now in Australia
MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under : watch all episodes online and download for free.
MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under : watch all auditions online and download for free.
You can watch online MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under 12th April 2009 episode in Australia from below Links (click below links to watch part wise)..........
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11 April 2009

Ragging in Osmania Medical College: Is ragging good or bad, I say Good if...

The ragging word has become so wild and horrific that whole society feels sorry for the victim but it is a part of college life.
It not only makes you bold and mature and also brings you near to seniors, who are really boon for juniors inside the campus. You just get the whole lot of experience of the college from your seniors and help with books, notes, and exam tricks.
Ragging if healthy is really a gate opener for the relief of coming years inside the campus, It increases the bonding between you and the senior boss, and my dear friends if you are not in military then ragging is only for starting one month and then a whole lot of senior guidance and protection for the whole life, never hesitate to offer yourself for ragging.
But the seniors should also mind that ragging should be healthy and not sex oriented which makes a junior uncomfortable, seniors are like elder brother, so act like it. Help them , mold them , protect your juniors, and get a whole life respect.
Just enjoy the beautiful life inside the campus. One important point for juniors, plz dont take any life ending decision due to ragging , this shows your weakness, fight with the circumstances and make yourself hard and witty.
I still remember my ragging days: No belts, formal pants, no jeans, look at ur 3rd button, walking in a line, saying sir to seniors, asking some one not known person his/her name etc.... all funny!!!!
Good luck to all juniors that they get good seniors and happy college life.
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Severe chronic lower left, right, middle back muscle pain : Symptoms, Conditions, Exercises and Treatment, remedies & relieve therapy

Lower back pain represents a real basic irritant for many people throughout the world. They cry and cringe, holding their painful backs while complaining for what appears to be the hundredth time. Does anybody actually understand what brings on the pain? On that point, there are surely enough causes for the creakiness and acute pangs that one feels after an especially energetic physical game. 
  • Is your favorite chair or sofa causing your back discomfort? Is is the right size for you? 
  • Does your chair or sofa meet the following criteria? 
Severe chronic lower left, right, middle back muscle pain : Symptoms, Conditions, Exercises and Treatment, remedies & relieve therapy
  • Your knees should rest comfortably at the end of the seat and drop down, not protrude beyond the seat of the chair. In this way, you are relaxing both the thighs and legs. 
  • Your thighs should rest comfortably being totally supported by the seat of the chair or sofa. 
  • The back of the sofa or chair should be high enough to fully support your entire back. 
  • The seat should be wide enough to cover the area from thigh to thigh with at least 2 additional inches. Also, it should not sink lower than your knees upon sitting, thereby causing your knees to be higher than your rear end. Not good!!! 
Severe chronic lower left, right, middle back muscle pain : Symptoms, Conditions, Exercises and Treatment, remedies & relieve therapy
A lot of us do not realize that a chair or sofa should fit our body, in the same manner the proper size of shoes fit our feet. 
This is just one among the numerous issues that may causes lower back pain. 
The spinal column is really tough and very tender simultaneously. It can hold a few hundred pounds of muscle and fatty tissue, but can also give out with just the slightest incorrect turn. Muscle tissue can only extend so much before it starts to tear. 
Stretching your body on a regular basis functions as an immediate remedy for back pain. Therefore create the time in your schedule to properly stretch your limbs and muscles. 
Solving the details of what causes lower back pain can be as easy as preparing a list of your habitual activities. There is a lot of activity going on beneath your skin of which you are not always aware. Some real muscle damage may have occurred as you were playing around on any given day. You might not recall every motion you did to wind up being in pain but your body remembers. Muscular tissue and nerves have a more effective memory than the individual in which they reside. 
Recurring trauma to the same area of your back could create more problems for you than just pain. You may not clearly understand that an imbalance in your spine may make you sensitive to subsequent injuries. The more impaired your muscles, the more likely it could be to stress them again. Some spinal injuries can lead to herniated discs and pinched nerves. Generally it would be in your best interest to find out what actually caused the lower back pain. 
Severe chronic lower left, right, middle back muscle pain : Symptoms, Conditions, Exercises and Treatment, remedies & relieve therapy
Are there other daily or weekly activities you might be doing that will contribute to your back pain?
Title: Want Lower Back Pain to Go Away? Check This Out!!
Author: Becka Westland
Word Count: 528
URL: http://www.isnare. com/?aid= 293793&ca= Wellness% 2C+Fitness+ and+Diet
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roman catholic easter good friday fasting 2009 quotes, tradition, fast, greetings, wishes, text message sms

Good Friday is the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. Jesus Christ was born to Marry in Nezareth - a small town in Israel. He was the founder of Christianity, one of the world's largest religions. Christ is believed to be an incarnation of God and his teachings are described in the New Testament.
It is believed that on Good Friday, Christ was arrested by clergymen. Hence, Good Friday is believed to be the time when Christians keep fast and celebrate the day over the birth of Christ. Some people believe that ‘Good' in GOOD FRIDAY is referred to as ‘GOD' and it is also a common belief that ‘GOOD' is referred to the gift brought by martyrdom. And according to one of the views, on this day, it is Jesus who went to heaven. It is also celebrated as a festival of life and spirit. Some believe the term "Good" evolved from "God" or God's Friday.
The Friday before Easter is the most solemn day for Christians - it is the day Jesus Christ died on the cross.
As such, Good Friday is a day of mourning, and all the ceremonies and rituals of the day are centered around the feeling of sorrow at the pain and humiliation that Jesus underwent for the cause of goodness and humanity.
Good Friday marks the end of the 40-day period of fasting and renunciation during Lent, which recalls the days of penance Jesus spent in the desert. After this period, Jesus returned to Jerusalem, and was welcomed as the King of the Jews.
The wholehearted acceptance of Jesus by the people made the rulers fear that they would lose the people's loyalty, and prompted them to plot against Jesus. With the help of Judas, who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, Jesus was arrested for treason and condemned to be crucified. This happened on Maundy Thursday, a day before Good Friday. The next day, Good Friday, is the darkest day in Christianity. Jesus was made to carry the cross on which he was later crucified. Jesus, by his act of forgiving and praying for even those who were responsible for his death, won a victory for good over evil.
The message of Good Friday is that the dictum of "an eye for an eye" cannot work. The way to conquer evil is through good. Similarly, violence can be overcome only by non-violence, and hatred by love.
The entire day is given to fasting and prayer, as a way of following the example of Jesus, who stressed the role of prayer in the struggle to conquer evil. Some churches concentrate less on prayers, and instead encourage the people to become involved in charitable deeds.
The service consists of prayers and readings from the Bible. In many churches, a piece of wood in the shape of the cross is kept. People pray before the cross and kiss it.
Jesus is believed to have died on the Cross at three in the afternoon. The traditional service lasts for three hours from noon. But over the years, it has been shifted ahead or behind the original schedule by a few hours, for the sake of convenience. 
The service lasts through the three hours during which Jesus suffered on the cross. It involves sermons, meditation sessions, and readings from the gospels. A communion service is held at midnight.
In some churches, mourners wear black and enact the Passion of Christ - scenes of Christ's crucifixion and burial. Many churches cover the cross and the altar with mourning black, and do not light any candles. At other churches, candles are lit, but they are extinguished one by one, with the last one being put out at the moment denoting Jesus' death. The church bells are not rung on Good Friday.
Catholic churches follow the tradition of the Stations of the Cross. People pass before paintings depicting the important scenes of the last hours of Jesus' life, reciting prayers and singing hymns.
But the crucifixion also looks forward to Jesus' resurrection. So, the sorrow of Good Friday is tempered by the expectation and hope offered by Easter Sunday.
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10 April 2009

Nano bookings begin: Filmmaker Muzaffar Ali was the first to book a Nano at midnight at the State Bank of India in Lucknow.

With the hope of owning the world’s cheapest car by July, people in large numbers thronged Tata Group stores and State Bank of India branches on Thursday to get forms to book the Rs.1-lakh Nano, launched last month. Nano bookings begin: Filmmaker Muzaffar Ali was the first to book a Nano at midnight at the State Bank of India in Lucknow. Tata Motors is making the forms available at around 30,000 centres across India. The booking closes on April 25. There was no immediate picture available on the number of bookings done on the opening day.

Besides Tata Motors showrooms, the forms, which cost Rs.300 each, are available at Tata Group ventures including Titan showrooms, Tata Indicom centres, Westside and Croma stores. These stores are also offering discounts to customers on purchase of the forms. One person can submit only one form.

Tata Motors has State Bank of India as its main partner to sell and receive the forms, while other banks are also offering loans to book the car. Customers can either pay the entire booking amount or seek finance from 15 other banks. Booking can be done online.

The three variants of the Nano are priced between Rs.1.23 lakh and Rs.1.72 lakh in Delhi. The booking amount is between Rs.95,000 and Rs.1.4 lakh.

Tata Motors Finance will provide a 100 per cent loan for the booking at an interest rate of 12 per cent to 13 per cent with a three-year tenure.

There is no cap on the number of forms to be sold during the 17-day period, but the launch price will be applicable only to one lakh customers who will be chosen through a computerised draw within 60 days of the close of bookings. Applicants will have the option to retain their booking even if they do not get an allotment in the first phase at the initial price.

Tata Group has started producing the Nano at its plant in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, only last month — around 4,000 units a month. The carmaker hopes to produce just about 50,000 of them this year. The new dedicated plant at Sanand in Gujarat will be ready by early-2010. It will have an initial annual capacity of 2.50 lakh units. This will be scalable to five lakh units.

Response in Kolkata

Raktima Bose reports:

Typifying the mood elsewhere, Nano fever gripped Kolkata on Thursday. Scores of buyers as well as curious onlookers crowded Tata Motors showrooms.

While some were busy assuring themselves about the robustness of the displayed model by tapping its body or viewing the engine, others were involved in conversations with showroom employees on the formalities of the booking process. There were others standing at a distance admiring the car.


Mainak Majumdar, an information technology professional posted in the U.S., had come to one of the showrooms to book a car for his wife.

Asked why he chose Nano, he replied: “It is built with indigenous technology but the features are almost similar to the car that I own in the U.S. Also, since there is so much of hype around this car, I want to try it out.”


Some people, however, seemed chagrined that the car was being manufactured in a plant in Gujarat instead of at Singur in West Bengal.

Shyamal Chakroborty is one of them. “The people of the State do not know what they have lost. Had this car been launched from here, it could have changed the industrial landscape of the entire State,” he said.

Many visitors

“We are getting a very encouraging response. Many people are visiting our showroom to enquire about the car. Some of them are also booking it on the spot,” said Binod Agarwal, director of one of the largest Tata Motors showrooms here.

The Hindu Reports

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shri sri jai hanuman chalisa in hindi with meaning , lord hanuman chalisa online audio mp3 songs, bhajan,bhajans, ms, God hanuman mantra, text,read

Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi:


श्री  गुरु  चरण  सरज  राज , निज  मनु  मुकुर  सुधारे  |
बरनौ  रघुबर  बिमल  जासु , जो  धयक  फल  चारे  ||
बुधिहिएँ  तनु  जानके , सुमेराव  पवन -कुमार  |
बल  बूढी  विद्या  देहु  मोहे , हरहु  कलेस  बिकार  ||


जय  हनुमान  ज्ञान  गुण  सागर  |
जय  कपिसे  तहु  लोक  उजागर  ||
राम  दूत  अतुलित  बल  धामा  |
अनजानी  पुत्र  पवन  सूत  नामा  ||
महाबीर  बिक्रम  बज्रगी  |
कुमति  निवास  सुमति  के  संगी  ||
कंचन  बरन  बिराज  सुबेसा  |
कण  कुंडल  कुंचित  केसा  ||
हात  वज्र  औ  दहेज  बिराजे  |
कंधे  मुज  जनेऊ  सजी  ||
संकर  सुवन  केसरीनंदन  |
तेज  प्रताप  महा  जग  बंधन  ||
विद्यावान  गुने  आती  चतुर  |
राम  काज  कैबे  को  आतुर  ||
प्रभु  चरित  सुनिबे  को  रसिया  |
राम  लखन  सीता  मान  बसिया  ||
सुषम  रूप  धरी  सियाही  दिखावा  |
बिकट  रूप  धरी  लंक  जरावा  ||
भीम  रूप  धरी  असुर  सहरइ  |
रामचंद्र  के  काज  सवारे  ||
लाये  संजीवन  लखन  जियाये  |
श्रीरघुवीर  हर्षा  उरे  लाये  ||
रघुपति  किन्हें  बहुत  बड़ाई  |
तुम   मम  प्रिये  भारत  सम  भाई  ||
सहरत  बदन  तुमर्हू  जस  गावे  |
आस  कही  श्रीपति  कान्त  लगावे  ||
संकदीक  भ्रमधि  मुनीसा  |
नारद  सरद  सहित  अहिसा  ||
जम  कुबेर  दिगपाल  जहा  थी  |
कवी  कोविद  कही  सके  कहा  थी  ||
तुम  उपकार  सुघुव  कहिन  |
राम  मिलाये  राज  पद  देंह  ||
तुम्रहो  मंत्र  विभेक्षण  मन  |
लंकेश्वर  भये  सब  जग  जान  ||
जुग  सहेस  जोजन  पैर  भानु  |
लिन्यो  ताहि  मधुर  फल  जणू  ||
प्रभु  मुद्रिका  मेली  मुख  माहि  |
जलधि  लाधी  गए  अचरज  नहीं  ||
दुर्गम  काज  जगत  के  जेते  |
सुगम  अनुग्रह  तुमरे  तेते  ||
राम  दुआरे  तुम  रखवारे  |
हूट  न  आगया  बिनु  पसरे  ||
सब  सुख  लहै  तुम्हरे  सरना  |
तुम  रचक  कहू  को  डारना  ||
आपण  तेज  सम्हारो  आपे  |
तेनो  लोक  हकतइ  कापे  ||
भुत  पेसच  निकट  नहीं  आवेह  |
महावीर  जब  नाम  सुनावेह  ||
नसे  रोग  हरे  सब  पीरा  |
जपत  निरंतर  हनुमत  बल  बीरा  ||
संकट  से  हनुमान  चुदावे  |
मान  कम  बचन  दायाँ  जो  लावे  ||
सब  पैर  राम  तपस्वी  रजा  |
तिन  के  काज  सकल  तुम  सजा  ||
और  मनोरत  जो  कई  लावे  |
टसुये  अमित  जीवन  फल  पावे  ||
चारो  गुज  प्रताप  तुमारह  |
है  प्रसिद्ध  जगत  ujeyara ||
साधू  संत  के  तुम  रखवारे  |
असुर  निकंदन  राम  दुलारे  ||
Ashat  सीधी  नवनिधि  के  डाटा  |
अस  वर  दीं  जानकी  माता  ||
राम  रसायन  तुम्हरे  पासा  |
सदा  रहो  रघुपति  के  दस  ||
तुम्रेह  भजन  राम  को  भावे  |
जनम  जनम  के दुःख  बिस्रावे  ||
अंत  काल  रघुबर  पुर  जी  |
जहा  जनम  हरी  भगत  कहेई  ||
और  देवता  चितन  धरयो  |
हनुमत  सेये  सर्व  सुख  करेई  ||
संकट  कटे  मिटे  सब  पर  |
जो  सुमेरे  हनुमत  बलबीर  ||
जय  जय  जय  हनुमान  गुसाई  |
कृपा  करो  गुरु  देव  के  नाइ  ||
जो  सैट  बार  पट  कर  कोई  |
चुतेही  बंधी  महा  सुख  होई  ||
जो  यहे  पड़े  हनुमान  चालीसा  |
होए  सीधी  सा  के  गोरेसा  ||
तुलसीदास  सदा  हरी  चेरा  |
कीजेये  नाथ  हृदये  महा  डेरा  ||


पवंत्नाये   संकट  हरण , मंगल  मूर्ति  रूप  |
राम  लखन  सीता  सहेत , हृदये  बसु  सुर  भूप  ||

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09 April 2009

PUNE Archaeologists discover Harappan Graves

A team of archaeologists from the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute is back from Haryana where they stumbled upon a record 70 Harappan graves at a site in Farmana, discovering the largest burial site of this civilisation in India so far. 
The excavation proved one of the biggest breakthroughs in South Asian history and is now listed for World Heritage status conferred by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). 
It is an extraordinary archaeological finding. A big housing complex that matured during the Harappan era was discovered by these archaeologists who have been working in this little known village for the past three years. 
Speaking to TOI, Vasant Shinde, joint director of Deccan College and project director, said, "The excavation was on for a while, but only this year the magnitude of the site could be understood, expanding from a mere seven graves to 70 graves. Our objective, however, is to find out how development took place among the Harappans. Scholars talk about change in the Harappan civilisation but nobody knows how it happened. Such a large burial will definitely help us find answers to all these questions." 
The archaeological team here uncovered an entire town plan. The skeletal remains belong to an era between 2500 BC to 2000 BC. This is when the civilisation prospered the most.
 "The remains will help us understand where the Harappans came from and why their sophisticated and urbanised culture collapsed. We will also be conducting scientific tests on the remains that we have found which will also give us clues on the Harappan life. In fact, a DNA test will also be conducted on the skeleton which will answer questions on their habitat and what they ate, whether they were vegetarians or non-vegetarians from the amount of zinc, copper, magnese found in the bones through this test." 
While Deccan College has a major share in this excavation, two other institutes - the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan and Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, have also been involved with this project since inception. In fact, the DNA tests will be carried out in Japan. 
Site Details:
A total of 80 to 100 archaeologists and students have been working on this site which includes 40 students. The entire team has so far excavated one complex which has 26 rooms, 3 to 4 kitchens, an equal number of bathrooms and a courtyard in the centre. The size of the rooms vary from 6x6 to 16x20. 
Nilesh Jadhav, a Phd student from the Deccan College, involved in this project since the beginning, said, "This particular project will be highly useful for us in our research work. We have learnt a lot during our excavation especially the orientation of the Harappan civilisation, the journey from beginning to the time."
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Garden Vastu [ feng shui ] : garden directions, ideas, design, designs, position, plants, doors and colors.

A garden that is created with Vastu in mind can cover a micro or a macro area of the site. It can be in the front of the building or at the back of the building. It can be at the sides or it can be in the interiors, on the terraces or even in a little porch located in the building.
When we speak of a garden, we speak of nature and its primary elements udaka (water), agni (fire), akasha (space), vayu (air) and prithvi(earth) as well as its invisible, yet strong, interaction with the structure and the residents of the structure. Today's society is fast paced and there is continuous and ever increasing stress in every individual’s life. Getting into a garden that is designed on certain Vastu considerations is an excellent way of de-stressing, relaxing and getting back to balanced and calm thinking. A green area in terms of flower plants, lawn, trees and water and rocky areas are not only visually appealing to the residents but also can work in harmony with the residents giving them peace, pleasure and happiness. One of the classical treatises recommends a flower garden in the north when it says "Uttaradese tu Pushpavati".
The work on a garden begins by identifying the outermost boundary of the site and creating a depression on all the four sides. Flower and leafy plants and kusa or darbha grass can be put in the boundary. By creating a “plant” path inside a site all around, undesirable effects of negative zone that Vastu masters identify as paisacha are neutralized or minimized. A well-planned plant boundary on all sides of the site not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of the site but also significantly contributes to the disinfecting or elimination of any environmental pollution. Trees are better avoided at the four corners of the site. If a large area is available, adequate provision can be made for members of the family and their friends to comfortable sit and relax. An area in the front yard (and/or backyard) needs to be identified for the garden. The ground is prepared in such a way that the soil becomes soft and laid evenly, the soil smell is good and is free of worms, termites, rats, bones, shells, hair and dirt. All the hollow areas need to be filled up. The soil is made fertile by adequately dampening the area and spreading natural-fertilizer. Seeds of various kinds of plants are planted. Classical treatises indicate that a ground that is soft, evenly leveled, sweet smelling, not hollow underneath and contains large number of herbal plants, trees and creepers helps in bestowing comfort and overall well-being to the persons, even if they were to rest occasionally.
The planting of deep-rooted trees just opposite the main door is to be avoided. A well-planned garden can have herbal and flower plants, trees, lawn, rocks and water fountains. Climbers like money plants can be aesthetically located in Vastu accepted sectors of the garden but they need to be avoided on trees. A pathway from the front gate of the building to the main entrance can be created with herbal plants like basil and flower plants like jasmine on each side of the pathway. A tree or plant in the middle of the path or just opposite the doorway is to be avoided. The north of the garden can have a nice water pool or water fountain.
Rose plants can be planted in the southeast of the area. Avoid deep-rooted trees in the center of a site or of the garden. They are ideal in the south and west of the site so long as their roots do not disturb the foundations of the structure. Avoid trees growing above the height of the structure. Have the trees spaced out. Coconut, Bilva, Pomegranate, Lemon, Neem, Jackfruit and Banana are recommended in the residential gardens. Well laid out lawns are ideal in the north and northwest of an area. Milky trees in residential areas are to be avoided. Rocky areas in the garden can be in the south and west; herbal and flower plants in the north and east and lawn in the central areas, north and west.
Sitting areas can be in the south and west of the gardens facing north and east. A garden needs to have a focal point that is visually and otherwise comfortable to the residents. It can be a water fountain, fish aquarium, rocky landscaping, shikara or a pyramid, statue not depicting any form of violence, a small idol of your favorite deity, the Swastika, Om or anything pleasant that you adore and link to each time you see it in your garden.
Garden accessories are best kept in the northwest or southeast of the garden area. These sectors are also compatible for dog kennels. As a rule, one needs to keep the garden clean and neat making it a point to remove dry creepers, leaves, flowers, and overgrown shrubs. The lawns can be mowed regularly to create an environment for the normal flow of natural energies. A well made Vastu garden can often minimize or the imbalances of a structure.
Vastu provides clear and specific guidelines, which can be conveniently applied to create an amicable interface between nature and individuals that aid people in achieving peace and happiness.
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08 April 2009

SGPC unlikely to send pilgrims to Pakistan on Baisakhi

Chandigarh, April 4 (IANS) The Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) is unlikely to send a group of pilgrims to Pakistan on the occasion of Baisakhi, the harvest festival of Punjab, later this month in view of security concerns in that country.

Sources in the SGPC, the mini-parliament of Sikhs that manages Sikh shrines in Punjab, said the Baisakhi jatha (group) for Pakistan, which was to leave next week, is unlikely to go following recent terrorist strikes in that country.

The SGPC is particularly concerned about terrorist strikes in and around Lahore, just 50 km from the Sikh holy city of Amritsar in Indian Punjab.

SGPC President Avtar Singh Makkar, who had recently taken up the issue of security of the jathas with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the latter’s visit to the Harmandar Sahib (popularly called Golden Temple), has indicated that foolproof security could not be provided to groups going to Pakistan.

Every year, the SGPC sends jathas to Sikh religious shrines in Pakistan. Hundreds of people go in each jatha during Baisakhi (April 13), Guru Arjan Dev’s martyrdom day in June and Guru Nanak Dev’s birthday (November).

The birth place of Sikhism founder and first Sikh guru, Nanak Dev, is at Nankana Sahib in Pakistan near Lahore.

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