03 April 2009

Chip Reid tragedy death news: CBS Chip Reid’s father died

Chip Reid’s father died soon after Reid arrived in London to cover President Barack Obama’s trip to Europe. Chip Reid is the CBS News Chief White House Correspondent.

Chip Reid originally planned to return home immediately. Reid’s mother and wife, Nina Reid, told him to stay in London and cover the news.The women told Reid his father would have desired him to cover President Obama’s historic trip to Europe.

Chip Reid has informed his colleagues in CBS News about the passing of his father. Reid promised to do his best and honor the memory of his father.

When Chip Reid asked President Obama a question about what degree others at the G20 summit blamed America’s perceived role in the global economic crisis. Before Obama responded to the question, he took a moment to address Reid’s personal grief at losing his father. Chip Reid thanked Obama for his condolences

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