29 August 2006


b'coz biology and commerce were not of my type and engg. was the only handy option.
b'coz persuing B.Sc is worthless now, so to be in competition from very begining.
b'coz It is the shortest and easiest way to a respectful job.
b'coz my friends and all the agegroup people were heading for it and i follow the trend.
b'coz my parents wanted me to be in competition with their friends offsprings.
b'coz as we belong to middle family and financially engg. is the highest degree at bachlors level that we can support and it is safe way to money. plz help me out. if u are also doing engg. then think deeply and ask ur innerself and reply from ur heart. this is not a question asked in campus interview. this is simply a thought to inlighten oneself from within. actually are we doing that which we really see in our dreams , are we true to our heart and is it really correct that we are general public and we have to live a life which are pre-decided and we are following the trend. even if u r not from engg. background then also give some time and think. things which u r doing is compltely satisfactory and is that ur dream?
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