22 August 2005

MANGAL PANDEY-The Rising: A film or a GIMMICK

One can see the movie and may realize that the movie is a blockbuster or going to crash all the records,may be.But at what stages we indians are brought to that the movie directors are making the use of our patriotic feeling to promote their movies.Now and then we have a movie for arousing our patriotic feelings has the patriotism has become the puppets in the hands of movie makers. It must be true that we indians are a little bit more emotional in the case of nationalism but all these crashes when our own political leaders gate crash all of our dreams.

Albert Einstein had rightly said
"Nationalism is an infantile disease, the measeals of mankind".

Which is also being proven by our film makers who to gain extra fame and be to have a nomination in the oscors make a movie on indian issues wheather it is history related or treating us as pauper.

But in my hope the new generation is at their best to retrive the golden era of the Indian society and culture.
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