02 May 2008

Bihar: Developments Going on in the State

THE IMAGE of India has changed in recent years. It is no longer seen as a country of snake charmers and tight-rope walkers. Nowadays, it is known more for its brain power and young manpower with critical skills imperative for today’s knowledge economy. The perception has changed completely and there is lesser prejudice towards Indians. Bihar+State+Assembly+Legislative

Bihar State Legislative Assembly

The case of the least developed state of India, Bihar, is strikingly similar. It has been associated with everything that is regressive and out of date. But the reality is that it is not as backward as it is portrayed through various media. There are various positives, which are overlooked. Biscomaun+Building Biscomaun Building @patna

After being bifurcated from the united Bengal, Bihar was created aggregating some regions, which were no way similar, culturally and politically. The creation of Jharkhand divided Bihar and the ascendancy of Lalu Prasad Yadav and his antics bemused people and at the same time horrified them that how a state could be governed by leaders like Yadav-Rabri. Yadav, as a stress buster, became so popular that he would give Johny Lever or Rajpal Yadav run for their money. Yadav became synonymous with Bihar and Bihari people became subject of derision. Their overall intelligence was questioned for their compulsion of succumbing to the mercy of these greedy politicians and giving these self serving leaders such a long tenure. On their parts, Yadav-Rabri ensured that roads of Bihar were not repaired and educational institutions did not function at all. S.+K.+Memorial+Hall

S.K. Memorial Hall @patna


rope bridge @patna


Rajendra Nagar Terminal @patna

Patna+Museum Patna Museum @patna


Patna Railway Station @patna

patna patna

Bureaucrats were humiliated and the administrative machinery was virtually run by the political activists. Complete anarchy gripped the state and the image of Yadav was seen as the true reflection of Bihar. Unfortunately, by the time the people of Bihar woke up, the damage had been done and ’glorious Bihar’ had became a dirty word.
road+developments patna

road developments


ashok pillar

Contrary to popular belief, villages of Bihar are not as bad and backward as it is shown and perceived. Most of the villages of the Mithila region are very developed. As there was comparatively lesser urbanisation, the people used to invest in their villages.

Golghar , The buffer stock @PATNA


Tractors even in remote corners

As a result, villages had everything essential for living. Almost all major villages have their own power distribution system in place. The people were content and happy in their own world. There are several parts of Mithila regions where the crime committed in recent decades have been only some petty thefts. There is absolutely no crime in these regions. People cutting across caste lines are highly educated. Even a labourer ensures that his son or daughter go for private tuition. Had there any iota of governmental support then the picture would have been contrastingly different.

kargil chowk @PATNA in memories of the martyiers


Indira Gandhi Planetarium @PATNA, India's 2nd largest

Congress is equally responsible for keeping Bihar less developed because it had ruled the state after independence till the arrival of Yadav. In spite of having 70 per cent mineral reserves, Bihar was not given its due and those raw materials were used to promote industrialisation of other states. Congress did not stop here and went on to support Yadav despite knowing very well that it would spell a doom for the state. http://hallosushant.blogspot.com Congress did this against the wishes of its very own party men. The central leadership got the result, as it was able to form the government with the help of Yadav but at the cost of being wiped out from Bihar and being part of destroying the state completely.

Nalanda University , Worlds Oldest


Mahaveer Cancer Institute @patna, all free

The darkness has become lesser with the arrival of Nitish Kumar. Yadav and Kumar belong to the same strata of caste combination but whereas Kumar is truly educated and highly intelligent, Yadav relies on his antics and laughter skills. After the arrival of Kumar, repair works are being carried out for now and when this will be over, hopefully some developmental activities will be pursued as well.

Patna Womens College

Tractors from all over the world @PATNA
In the meanwhile, there are some perceptible changes already and that is very pleasing. As they say, better late than never. So after remaining static for decades, the capital of Bihar is gradually wearing a modern look. The pace of construction is hectic and there is visible development all around. Gone are the days when shopping meant visiting Patna market or Hathwa market. Mall mania has gripped the cities now in large numbers.
Old+Secretariat+building patna

Old Secretariat building @patna


Mahatma Gandhi Setu @patna, Once the longest bridge on Ganga

Article by:
-Ashok K. Jha(merinews.com)
Photos: www.patnadaily.com
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Smallik said...

Thanks Ashok K. Jha for depicting our Patna so nicely.

I liked your article "Bihar : A New Face " and I agree with your opinion , whatever you wrote in this article , word-by-word .All your pictures reminded me of Patna of those yesteryears of my childhood when Patna was really neat and clean.

Dirty politics,casteism, inefficient and illiterate politicians are the main culprits for all this ill state of affairs.

But politicians are not different people, they are from us , they are among us. We only egg them on doing wrong and we only dont oppose 'em when they are doing wrong.

Anyways , blame game is never fruitful and charity begins at home, so instead of preaching others to become correct,lawful and disciplined we better try to correct ourselves in all aspects. But one thing we can always do is - keep people alive to their rights if they dont know.
Hope one day this so-called common people in Bihar will start looking for reform and then this vandalism, impoverished state etc will not be visible any longer.

Shailendra Mallik

Ranjeet said...

First of all thanks to all of you guys whos have participated in developing and managing this blog which will help people to more about Patna and obviously our State.

I would like to say that instead of talking about wrong thing which had happened in Bihar we should talk about current Bihar. How we people can be part of our State development?

I have one topic(Question). please follow it.


We have a lot of big available land on which IT Industry can we develop. And the most inmportant thing is that that are big group of Bihari IT manpower.

Lets give you poeple your view on it. I will start a seperate topic blog on it.



nishit said...

Thanks Mr. Jha. The photographs are as incredible as the state. Lets hope that we will regain the glory of the past.

It's a collective efforts that is required to make this happen. Your small contribution is a step in this direction and we are thankful for that.


Anonymous said...

This is a very good article , aiming to wipe out the dismal image of our state. Thanks to it's creator...

Aditya Sinha said...

Thank you so much Buddy..! Seeing these pictures after such a long time..! I very much miss it. The best part is the elegance of the snaps/shots, which is usually missing when we portray Patna/Bihar. Humaara Bihar..!

Could you please keep updating this thread with the latest changes and the developments ..!

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