24 April 2010

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has turned to blogging to showcase the achievements of his government.

Aware of the power and reach of the internet, Nitish seems keen to use the medium to his advantage as the state goes to the polls in a few months.

He has created his own blog (www.nitishspeaks.blogspot.com) to get connected to the people of the state, including those living outside Bihar.

Here is a preview of  Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Blog : "Nitish Speaks"

Nitish posted his maiden article on Thursday on the success of his pet project, Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna, launched three years ago.

He wrote that the scheme had brought about a real transformation in the field of girls' education and had been fairly successful in arresting the dropout rate in schools.

"Our government spent Rs 174.36 crore in the past three years to make 8.71 lakh schoolgirls proud owners of bicycles which they are using to educate themselves," he wrote.

He insisted that this was not mere statistics: "In Bihar, bicycles have now become a veritable instrument for social change." In an apparent bid to reach out to all sections, Nitish said the scheme did not exclude anybody on the basis of caste, creed or economic background.

"A remarkable aspect of this project is that this has benefited students from all sections of society," he wrote.

Nitish also revealed how he overruled bureaucrats to give money directly to schoolgirls for buying bicycles, instead of floating tenders for bulk purchase.

"I thought that purchase of bicycles through tenders might give rise to corruption in future. Instead, I was in favour of handing over money through cheques directly to the beneficiaries... (to) not only simplify the entire process but also make the scheme transparent." Nitish has found the blog an effective medium in the election year to send out the message about how his government has pursued a policy of all-inclusive growth in the past four-and-a-half years.

"This will be an ideal platform for the chief minister to directly interact with people on the web," BJP MLC and Nitish's close associate Sanjay Jha, who is looking after his blog, said.

Nitish's blog has already evinced interest from netizens.

Though it was launched without any fanfare, it had more than 250 visitors within hours.

"Given the initial response, I am sure it will be a big hit," Jha said. "We have plans to make it bilingual, in both English and Hindi." Nitish seems to have borrowed the idea of blogging from his bête noire Lalu Prasad. The former railway minister had also started his blog which ended up becoming a grievance cell of sorts for train passengers.
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Karuna Sagar said...

I am very glad to see your low and order in Bihar during your position and hope people of Bihar will live without any fear.
I basically belongs from Areraj, Pipra, East Champaran, Bihar but live in Delhi.

rajesh said...

thank you nitish ji
bihariyo ke garv aur ijjat dilane ke liye
i pray to God for your long life & developed Bihar

Anonymous said...

Sir, my sister has been killed by burning on 08 sep 09. But The entire police department is runing for money from accused party and they are trying settel the case after taking a huge amount of money as bribe. The case no.is Begusarai Town Thana 361/09 & 455/09. I have also written two application on this regards date 23 Nov 09 and 10 Apr 10. Mainly Dy. S.P. Vivekanand, Town Police Station in charge Manoj Kumar Rai and that Sub Inspector S.K. Sinha is not interested in the case

suresh kumar said...

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All Polytech & Engg. College

rupesh ranjan said...

Dear Sir,
Myself Ruesh Ranajan i am an graduate in textiles from DKTES, Ichalkaranji (Maharashtra). Hailing from Bidupur village (Bihar).Here I want to drive your attention towards the ample oppurtiunities of textile that can be enhanced in our state which can generate a lot of job oppurtunities in the state. Sir I think we are a major producer of bamboo and bannana in our nation . This two material can be used on large scale for fibre production rest sir there no any unit for bamboo fibre production in india, so a large market can be focused on. The technology neede for the same is largely available with us but just we need a support from the state. Your Regime has helped in industrial growth in the state , so i am keeping a hope from you
Hope you will consider this letter

Yours faithfullY RUPESH RANJAN (09764201743) E.Mail id:-ranjan_text@yahoo.com VILL :-DILAWARPUR (west). DIST:- VAISHALI (BIHAR)

Saurav Kumar said...

Hello Nitish jee,
Sir thank you for all your work you have done for Bihar. We , the people of Bihar believe in you and want you to come back as our next Chief minister of Bihar.

Sir, in the next tenure we would like to see some more eng and medical colleges getting open in our state.

As far as industry is concern We have everything natural resources , Humen resources and now the supporting goverment however we are back behind in number of industries.

Patna would become another IT HUB if we focus on IT industy over here.

Since metros and IT- cities has become very expensive. IT and BPO sector in india is looking out for 2nd 3rd tire city.

Another sector we can focus is Food proccessing industry.

And i believe you don't need any suggestion from people to do all these things. I am sure you must had already discussed all these points with your ministers .

Again, Thank you very much for all the good work .

Saurav kumar

Umesh said...

Namaskar Mukhyamantri Mahoday, I would like to know what you have done for the people of so called forward class. The people of that class too have their pangs, some of them ,too, languish under poverty line. However, some leaders are overlooking their problems and harbouring biased attitude.Is your govt. going to offer any special pacakage to the have nots of the so called forward class?

Anonymous said...

Sir,Tommorrow a file is being sent to you by forest department with a proposal to post a few officers on the post of DFO -ARRAH,SAHARSA,GAYA,ARRARIA,AURANGABAD,BETTIA,etc.For preparing the proposal and its approval by the forest department altogether 15lakh rupees has been delt with by the minister forest.It is a great slur on your minstry that on one hand you are talking about fair and honest dealing and on the other hand your ministers are so corrupt.On perusal of the file you can yourself observe all the things.Hence may I expect that you will personally inquire and stall this file.This is very much expected from an honest and fare person like you.-NAVIN JHA,ADVOCATE PATNA HIGH COURT.

Anonymous said...

manniya mukhyamantri ji kal apke karyalaya mein van vibhag ki ek sanchika pahunchegi jisme VAN PRAMANDAL PADADHIKARIYON ke padsthapan ka prastav hai.Is mamle men vrihat pemane par lakhon ka lenden apke sushasan me hua hai jo ek mahan ashcharya hai.ek taraf ap imandari ki bat karte hain ek taraf apke mantriyon dwara paise ka len den kiya jata hai.apse anurodh hog ki iski janch kar van vibhag ke bhrashtar par rok lagaya jae.

alok kumar said...



Shree Ram (Delhi) said...

Thank you for most of your work you have done in Vaishali(Bihar).The people of Bihar believe in you as our next Chief minister.
We welcome everyone who strongly believe in socio-economic development of Bihar.

Digvijay said...

Adarniya Munna Ji,

I am Digvijay Singh from Bhpojpur working as SW professional in IBM. I belive in work not in talk.You are our inspiration and am working hard apart from my regular company job on finding something which i can contribute back to my poor people in Bihar.

My best wishes is with you for 2010 Bihar state Assembly election.

Thi Badi hi der Chuppi, Ab jara awaj ho
Andhere ke is sehar me, Subeh ki agaj ho
Kon kehta hai Hawa pe paaw rakh sakte nahe
Ashma Chune ka ye Sayad koi Andaj ho!!

Best Regards
Digvijay Singh

Gautam said...

Adarniya Nitish Sir, Namaskar,
I am gautam, from patna town and presently residing at Mumbai, working in central excise. I take this opportunity to thanks for your all sincere efforts taken during your tenure for betterment of bihar, However, it is very clear that a lot of work has to be done, perhaps more than that has been done during last five years. On the front of technical education,increasing responsiveness of officers towards public grievance, plugging the leakages in welfare schemes viz MNAREGA etc. are major cause of concern. In bihar, still Ek Anar, Sao Bimar situation prevails. Your and yours collegues efforts is now showing the wind of change. I wish you all success in forthcoming assembly elections. We want to see you as C.M. Part-II.
Good wishes and regards,

jainpd said...

Aderniye nitish ji. the problem of mosquoto is so alarming in villages that after 5p.m. no body can sit cofortably.the mosqutos are due to construction of pucca nali in village streets. so we shoud devise better ways of drainage in small indian villages.government sh be dug and filled with bould invite tecnicalcomments throw advertisement.i have one suggetion that a kucha drain(3x3 ft)shouldbe dug and filled with brick bats and over that proper brick soling should be done on the top

manoj said...



sudhir said...

Adarniya Mukhyamantri Nitish Kumarji,

I am Sudhir, from Village – Latawar, Dist – Nawada Bihar and presently working in Delhi in a Pvt. Firm as Office Coordinator. I take this opportunity to thanks for your all sincere efforts taken during your tenure for betterment of Bihar, However, it is very clear that a lot of work has to be done, perhaps more than that has been done during last five years. On the front of technical education, increasing responsiveness of officers towards public grievance, plugging the leakages in welfare schemes viz MNAREGA etc. are major cause of concern. In Bihar, still Ek Anar, Sao Bimar situation prevails. Your and yours collogues efforts is now showing the wind of change. I wish you all success in forthcoming assembly elections. We want to see you as C.M. Part-II.

Good wishes and regards,
Sudhir Kumar

madhurendra said...

Hello Nitish jee,

CM bane se pahle apne jo wada kiya tha jo pura kiya ye hum nahi pure bharat ke log kah rahe hai.jaise

1. Naya bihar banaya
2. susasan banaya
3. bihari word apman nahi saman hoga
4. Bihar ka khoya gaurav lautega

Agar apke tarah India ke har neta hojaye to India biksit country 5 saal main ban jaye ga.


Niraj said...

Respected Sir, I am not from Bihar, i am from Jharkhand but we see , a rapid change in Bihar Environment on every front.Election is coming on and definitely every one is busy to make them self or there party to be the part of next administrator. I thing what want to say whatever changes u made no one can do this.

I am not going to say u a GOOD LUCK bcaz this is for those u wins on his/her luck. U have the capability to make your own path.Go Ahead Sir,

Thanks & Regards
Niraj Jha

Desi said...

I am wondering why the Voters turnout is always around 40- 55%. There can be many reason and the stte government should look into this irregularity of the election commission.

Reasons -
People have to stand too long in the queue to cast their vote.

People fear that if there is fight between rival parties then they will unnecessarily get hurt and loose life / limb . Chances of this to occur is very high as the wait time outside the polling both increases.

3. Even if 100% of eligible population stand in queue, and no body leaves before voting, then also every one cannot vote because the polling booth closed.

Are there enough polling booth and EVM to complete 100% polling in during voting time.

Another question is, if some one did not get a chance to vote on the day of voting, can they still submit their vote on another day .

Government of Bihar should appoint an Industrial Engineer to do discrete simulation of the voting process(using queueing theory) and see if there is any possibility of bungling by the EC of India.

Polling Officers may knowlingly take more time in checking the ID card of the voter and thereby may slow down the voting process and make people go away from the booth without voting.

Ideally, there should be enough voting machines and officers that will allow any person to come and cast their vote in less then 20 minutes. This will allow more participation of people and accurate reflection of people's mandate.

Nalin said...

Very – very congratulation sir
It is my good luck and I think this is good luck for all.
I am from Bihar and I am proud of my state where voters have knew the value of vote and braked all the equation of castesim .I think this is Real Vikash and it is only because of u sir.

Nalin Bhatta

Anonymous said...

I am Amresh kumar singh from amnaur vidhansabha area,chapra(BIHAR). I want to congratulate nitish kumar for a great success and also want to congratulate the pepole of bihar for choose a good leader.I have a request to nitish kumar i.e please develop the high education system of bihar , full-fill the demand of electrcity and established industrial area to genrate a lot of job oppurtunities.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Many many congratulations to you for your incredible success and winning in Bihar 2010 elections. The wind of development is blowing very fast but, still there are people who don't want to see us happy. You don't worry we are with you. Sir the bureaucrats and government officials are still taking money for doing their work especially the Police officials. I hope this time these problems of common people will be considered and taken seriously.
It will be my great pleasure if you give few minutes from your busy schedule and visit my native village- Sathwar, Po- Bitthi, PS-Goreyakothi, Dist-Siwan, Bihar, M-09039151548.
Sir please answer to those who still say and think that the CM is far away from us let them realize that this CM is within the reach of common man and available to them in their need.
Waiting for your auspicious presence between 25th Dec. 2010 to 3rd Jan. 2011. As i'll be there at this time.

Thanks & regards,
Praveen Kumar
MBA Student
Xavier Institute-XIDAS

Monika said...

Respected Sir
I am very glad ki aap ham bihario ke sath bane rahe....aapne hamare Biahr ko kafi aage badhaya lekin kya aap jante hain ki pichhle paanch saalon me aapne kya nahi kiya...sir aapne Nagar Nigam ke taraf nahi dhyan diya.
Kya aap jante hain nagar nigam wale kis tarike se apni life survive karte hain,main arah nagar nigam ki baat kar rahi hu q ki maere father ara nagar nigam me hai.,isliye main behtar tarike se janti hu ki unki life kis tarike se survive hoti hai,pancham vetan aaj tak nahi ho paya,aapse bhi umeed unlogo ne lagayi lekin kuch bhi nahi ho paya,sir main nahi janti ki aap ye blogs stydy karte ho ya nahi,lekin ek vishwash ke sath main aapke saamne apni baat rakh rahi hu.I am also from Bihar and hoping for the best as soon as possible before 2011.

Monika Pandey

Rakesh Pandey said...

Dear Sir,
Congratulations for reelecting in election 2010.As you told in an interview to an english daily "Lalu bol kar raaj kar raha hai if he would deliver the goods he will be a masheha"

Now after a massive win you try to be the 'masheha' for the public.
All the best.

Thanks & Regards,
Rakesh Pandey

vivek's Blog said...

Respected Nitish jee,

Assembly election me aapki jaabrdast safalta ne proove kar diya hai ke agar Erada pakka ho aur niyat saaf ho to kamyabi nischit hai .
i think aapki second inning 1st Iinning se jayada chunauti purna aur challenging hai koi ke aapko na kewal 1st inning ke achivment ko maintain rakhana hai balki use aur jada result oriented bana hai, pahnana hai, so that in 2015 BIHAR becomes a saath he naye vikash yojnawo ko ve amli jama truely Developed state.
aapke es challenging safar me hum sab bihar wasi pal pal aapke saath hai.

Thanks and Regard

Vivek chandra
s/w Engg.
New Delhi

vivek's Blog said...

Respected Nitish jee,

appko Bihar assembly election me sandar jeet per hardik Badhai.

Aapne ye proove kar diya ke agar Erada pakka ho aur niyat saaf ho to Kuch ve Ashmbhow nahi hai.

I think aapki 2nd inning 1st inning se kahi jayada challenging hogi koi ke na kewal aapko 1st inning ke start kiye work to continue rakhana hai sath he sath aur ve dher saaare naye development work to amli jama pahnana hoga jise deloped State ke target to aasani se achive kiya ja sake .

Thank's and Regard
Vivek chandr
Software Engg.
New delhi
(My native place is Motihari)

Anonymous said...

Bihar To wakai Pahlai se jada acha hai or sant per or bhi bahut se kame jo unlogo ko pata nahi chalta hai jinke pahuch hai ya phir paise se amer hai. Kabhi un logo se puchiye jo Garib ya Midil warg ke hai. Jab Thana Police ke baat hote hai to en logo ko thand me garme or garmi me thand lagte hai. Police walay unke suntai jo pahlai police station pahuch jae. Paise ke lobh me kuch nahi suntai hai. Ha Hamare Bihar me Us Police walay ke talas jo Abhi Obra Ke Bidhayak hai (Sri Som Prakash) ji ko Sadar Pranam. Unke Aad Anai per akhai bhar jati hai.

rajesh said...

Yes it's really a great and first step taken by any CM in Bihar I really appreciate the same.

Rajesh Mishra
Times Now

Anonymous said...

Every efforts in direction r commendable,but at lower level,i.e at panchayat level,still much have to be done.Because Mukhiyas r (not all)not clean and for I would like to suggest that a person should be given only one chance at this post.

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