26 September 2012

You can Still Do something in life!!

                                                       "At the age of 24  I was a conductor "



" I didn't even complete my University Education "

Bill Gates


" I was One who served in Hotels "



" At my Childhood days, I stitched shoes"

Abraham Lincoln


" I worked in a Petrol Pump"

Dhirubhai Ambani


" I failed in the 1
2th standard "
Sachin Tendulkar


" Education Drop-Out & initially a keyboard player"

A R Rahman


" I slept On bench & borrowed Rs 20/- everyday from A friend to travel filmcity"

Shahrukh Khan


" I used to serve Tea At a shop to support my Football Training "

Lionel messi

Life is not About What you couldn't do so far, Its about


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