13 February 2011

Diabetes Complications and causes of diabetes and steps to avoid diabetes

Complications related to diabetes can include heart and kidney disease, nerve damage, blindness and circulatory problems that can lead to wounds that will not heal and limb amputations.

Sadly, 1/3 of diabetics are undiagnosed and have no idea they are going to have liver failure or kidney failure or go blind or die thinking they have the flu or all four!
The way conventional medicine treat diabetes isn’t treating diabetes and prolonging it. diabetes can be reversed if a person wants to do it! Diabetes isn’t a sugar problem but malnutrition of the body’s organs.

Two causes of diabetes are;

#1 - When the liver becomes overwhelmed with toxins, such as toxic colors, toxic preservatives, chemicals from prescription and or over-the-counter drugs it can no longer support the pancreas and therefore the pancreas shuts down and needs cleansing.

#2 – The body becomes so full of fat that it smothers all the organs then the pancreas fails again.

Here are a few facts to keep you from becoming one of those diabetic statistics!

1. Watch your diet. Eat as much whole foods as possible
every day! Do not indulge in fast or prepackaged prepared
foods! Of course I know you are not going to do that as
fast foods or prepackaged prepared foods are too easy,
at least limit them to once or twice a month.

2. Keep your minerals balanced to help  every organ in your body function correctly while keeping a healthy
weight. If the whole world would get into the balanced minerals supplement daily there obesity and overweight people would be rare rather than 60% that exists now. Being overweight by more than 20 pounds sets you up for Diabetes.

3. Keep your Immune System Healthy! Just about
everyone ignores 75% to 80% of their immune system
because they have no idea where it is or what to do about
keeping it healthy. Where is it?
The  digestive Tract!

4. Do a liver and pancreas cleanse as often as needed!
Those living with toxic air, bathing or drinking or
cooking with chlorinated water and/or use toxic skin
care products need to do liver and pancreas cleanse
at least twice a year and every three months would be
best. For the person who eats a lot of prepackaged or
canned foods need three times a year minimum.

5. Eat organic foods as much as possible as they are
free of pesticides, fertilizer and GMO’s, this will limit
a toxic liver. Those chemicals build up in the body and
create all kinds of illness and disease in otherwise
healthy people.

6. Drink, bath and cook with pure filtered/purified
water! Our water systems are poison to us. Read
about the  waterways dangers!

7. Stay away from prescription drugs or over-the-
counter drugs. Every manmade drug (NSAIDS,
prescription of every kind) has a warning “liver
must be check periodically” or words to that effect,
on every single manmade drug! Fact; drug-induced
liver injury is the most common reason for the
withdrawal from the market of an already FDA
approved drug.

8. Exercise, exercise, exercise! That doesn't mean
you need to pay for a gym membership! A simple brisk
walk works!

The above is for those who have not been diagnosed
as a diabetic but if you are already a diabetic try
natural alternative treating to become diabetic free! Read
about one of our most severe cases
diabetic-free for a few years now. And now
that you can be just like Richard!

Be smart with your health!
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