26 February 2011

Get cheap tickets for world cup final 2011 at Wankhede Stadium, mumbai-India on April 2: Full ticket buying detials and price of South East Balcony, Upper East, North, North-East and Eat Stand for public

If you are hoping to turn lucky and buy one of the 1000 tickets that the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is going to make available online via a lottery, you'd better be ready to cough up quite a sum besides counting on your stars to become privileged to watch the 2011 World Cup final at the swanky Wankhede Stadium on April 2.

The online tickets will come at a cost of Rs 18,750 each for the upper tier of the South-East balcony. The seats for the East Upper Stand or the Sunil Gavaskar pavilion will cost Rs 12,500 each.

And even if you are ready to shell out the price, you will still have to wait for your online application to be processed through a computerized draw.

For the lesser privileged, the MCA will make 2000 tickets available through window sales, to begin a week before the final.
These are priced at Rs. 1,300, Rs. 3,300 and 7,000 and include the state government's entertainment tax.The least priced tickets will be for the North stand, Divecha pavilion and East lower stands, respectively.

Over 500,000 ticket seekers had visited the when the online sales began resulting in the website's crash on Monday.
Now a new date and time will be announced for the sale via online lottery system.

The maddening rush on the Marine Drive too can be well imagined when the window sales begin. And, if you are fortunate, then be assured of an enjoyable experience , for any seat in the stadium is worth it's value given the 360 degrees view under lights.


How Many: 3000

Where And When Available?

Online via lottery: 1000

Window Sales: 2000

Price (in rupees)

18,750 (South East Balcony)zx 12,500: Upper East Stand 7,000: North Stand 3,300: North-East Stand 1,300: East Stand Lower tier
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