01 October 2010

How can I configure e-mail box in Nokia 5233, 52800,5235 to access or retrieve gmail.com mails on mobile.

Step by Step tutorial to configure Gmail Account on Nokia 5233, 5235, 5800:

(IMP: You must enable POP3 access of Gmail Account. Hint:Look inside Setting and POP forwarding Options on gmail web site )
  1. Open Messaging Application (Menu>Settings>Phone>Application Sett>Messaging>E-mail)
  2. Goto Mailboxes. It asks you No mailbox defined. Define now? Choose Yes (If not configured yet, else select Mailboxes then choose from option New mailbox)
  3. Mailbox setup wizard will start. Press start to continue
  4. Mailbox Type choose POP3, Press Next
  5. On next screen type your email address YOUR_USERID@gmail.com (copy this for future use)
  6. Press Next
  7. Enter pop.gmail.com as Incoming mail server, Press Next
  8. Enter smtp.gmail.com as Outgoing mail server, Press Next
  9. Access Point, choose Always ask or your preferred one. press next
  10. In Mailbox name keep gmail or name it as u want then press next
  11. Press OK on (Mailbox setup complete. Settings can be viewed and edited in e-mail settings.)
  12. Click OPTION then EXIT
  13. Go to Menu> Messaging>your_named_mailbox (point 10) 
  14. It says (no e-mail messages) then "Connect to mailbox? " click on No
  15. Click Option and then "E-mail Settings"
  16. Press on Connection settings
  17. Press on Incoming e-mail
  18. Enter Username as xxx@gmail.com (You may paste it if u followed pt5)
  19. In Password type your password
  20. Scroll down to "Security" and choose SSL/TLS and leave all other options as they are.
  21. Press Back Button
  22. Select Outgoing e-mail, Enter your username (You may paste it if u followed pt5) and password as described above
  23. Scroll down to security port and choose SSL/TLS
  24. Hit Back Button twice
  25. Press on User settings
  26. Enter your Name in "My Name" as you want to display and then go back
  27. Goto Retrieval Settings
  28. Click on "E-mail retrieval" and change it to size limit and then enter 100KB or its better to be "Headers Only" which retrieves the email subjects only. Press OK
  29. Click on Back
  30. If you have unlimited GPRS connection then goto "Automatic retrieval" and then to "E-mail retrieval"and select "Enabled" then YES on "All emails are retrieved to mailbox when automatic retrieval enabled. Continue?" 
  31. An alert shows extra-cost, it means there will be automatic email-retrieval at particular duration so for limited gprs connection it may cost more, but dont worry follow next step to minimize cost
  32. Go to "Retrieval Interval" and select "Every 4/6 hours" as u want.
  33. Click back button multiple times so that you are back to main screen.
  34. Now when you start Messaging Application you will see Gmail Account goto it >option> Retrieve e-mail > New/All . Or just Connect.
  35. You can also send email attach images with it etc. Have fun
If you have any doubt feel free to ask ... 
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Viral said...

Hey Thanks for helping in creating my email on Nokia 5233.
But I want my mails to come in my mailbox and not under messages folder. Can any one pl help me

SumanB said...

Hey bro i followed ur method and during d time of retrieval it asks for email n pass wrd...den connects to d net..bt after sumtime it asks fr email again..
its nt working..cud u plz help me?

Anonymous said...

dude !thanq so much for helping us out ... n i need to configure my live id in my nokia 5233 ...can u help me out with this !?

denvel nunes said...

after configuring it shows Incoming mail server not found. Chek mailbox settings.

shrikant kaniki said...

hey thanx yar :-):) its gud:)

Ashwini Sharma said...

After Configuration Incoming mail server not found.

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