04 October 2010

Important Days of the Year in January Celebrated all over the world Country Specific with Description

January 01:

January 02: Berchtold’s Day (Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Alsace)

January 04: Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Myanmar from the United Kingdom in 1948.

January 05: National Bird Day, celebrated semiannually. (United States)

January 06: Befana Day (Italy)
January 07:  Distaff Day (medieval Europe) & Tricolour day or Festa del Tricolore (Italy)

January 08: Commonwealth Day (Northern Mariana Islands)

January 09:

January 10: Traditional Day (Benin)

January 11:

January 12 :
January 13: St. Knut's Day or Tjugondag Knut, the last day of Christmas. (Sweden and Finland)

January 14:

January 15 :
January 16:
January 18: Royal Thai Armed Forces Day (Thailand)

January 19:

January 21:

January 23: Bounty Day, celebrate the burning of the Bounty in 1790 (Pitcairn Island)

January 25:
January 26 :
January 27:
January 28: Data Privacy Day

January 29: Constitution Day (Gibraltar)

January 30 :
January 31:
src: wikipedia.org
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