14 July 2005

Great Musician of the World

Wolfgan Amades Mozart Mozart the greatest Austrian musician was a world famous figure. He was born in Salzburg on 27th January 1756. His father, Leopold was a concert master to the archbishop of Salzburg. Mozart played before Kings and queens as a little boy. He was showered with attention and appreciation. He was even decorated by the Pope, Head of the Roman Catholic Church. He went on tours to many European Capitals with his father. After his father’s death, Mozart was made the concert master. But when the archbishop died he lost his post. That was the beginning of his misfortunes. His patrons could not recognize his genius, but he never stopped composing. Lack of financial support coupled with ill-health hastened his death. He died of heart failure on 5th December,1791. Mozart’s major works were published only after his death. The fact that three of his greatest works were composed in the last years of his life proves that Mozart was a man of great perseverance in the face of misfortunes.
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