03 July 2005

Some famous Questions? open space times of india

Which place on Earth has never received any rainfall?

The Atacama desert, spread between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains in northern Chile has not experienced rain in its entire recorded history. Made up of salt basins, sand and lava flows, it lacks vegetation or animal life. Its landscape is desolate and moon-like. The Quillagua meteorological station located in this desert has recorded an average annual rainfall of only 0.5mm during 1964-2001.

What is the Mach number?

The Mach number, in aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, is the ratio of the speed of an object through a fluid to the speed of sound in the fluid. The Mach number was named after the Austrian physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach.

Why spam in email jargon is called so?

The term spam is derived from the popular Monty Python song “Spam sketch”, set in a cafĂ© where everything on the menu includes Spam luncheon meat. The chorus repeats “Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam, over and over again, drowning out all conversation. Since “Spam” involves sending identical messages to a large number of recipients without their permission, it has been called so. The correct term for it is is Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE).

Who was the first playback singer in Indian Cinema?

The first Indian talkie “Alam Ara” was made Ardeshir M Irani, on March 14, 1931. It was a Parsi theatre piece adaptation retaining the play’s songs. This gave Indian Cinema its first singer WM Khan. For the song recording, only a harmonium and tabla were used out of the camera range and the singer sang into a hidden microphone.

When was the first Disneyland set up?

The first Disneyland was set up July 15,1955 in Anaheim, California, USA. The opening was attended by 28,154 persons and 90 million people watched it on television. In the south of Los Angeles its construction began on July 21,1954 and cost around $17 million.
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