24 August 2011

A perfect example of Secularism : Proud to be Indian - Photo of the day

Here is an awesome photo printed on Indian Express (ahmedabad)...!!

Muslim parents taking their son in the dress of Lord Krishna for a fancy dress competition...this picture was taken on the Bridge of Ahmedabad which connects the communal sensitive areas...!!

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Todays Quote by Mother Teresa, Ice Berg Facts, Motivation Tips and 'toplofty': word of the day with meaning, pronunciation, and example

 Quote of The Day

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
-Mother Teresa
                         Fact Of The Day                         

The average ice berg weighs 20,000,000 tons

                         Todays Motivator                        

Make it be

 Don’t allow the troubles to get the best of you. Instead, allow those troubles to make the best of you.

Don’t tire yourself out fighting against the challenges. Instead, find new energy by embracing those challenges and working through them to create real value.

Always remind yourself that discouragement is nothing more than a response you’ve chosen. When you find that you’ve chosen to let it be, you can just as surely choose to let it go.

In the place of discouragement, you can put determination. It is your life’s energy, and you can point it in whatever direction you choose.

Your most powerful response is not based only on what has already happened. Your most powerful response also takes into account what you wish to make happen next.

Look forward, and envision in great detail the future you desire. Then gather all your energy, and step forward to make it be.

 By Ralph Marston
Source: http://greatday.com

                         Word Of The Day                         



 : very superior in air or attitude
Our dinner guest was interesting but a bit toplofty as she recounted tales of her adventures abroad for us.

"He was being enormously toplofty, of course, trying to frighten her. And half succeeding." -- From Mary Balogh's 2011 novel More Than a Mistress
Inactive hide details for DID YOU KNOW?DID YOU KNOW?
How many words do we need to describe those who seem to think they're better than the rest of us? By the 19th century we already had "arrogant," "haughty," and "supercilious," but there was apparently need for more because by mid-century the language had garnered two others: "toplofty" and its variant "toploftical." The source of these is likely the phrase "top loft," which refers to the highest story of a building. Neither is common, but both are available to you should their synonyms prove too boring or obvious.
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22 August 2011

Download ebook - A VHDL Primer by Jayaram Bhasker

 A VHDL Primer by Jayaram Bhasker

Table of Contents :

CHAPTER 1. Introduction 1
1.1. What is VHDL? 1
1.2. History 1
1.3. Capabilities 1
1.4. Hardware Abstraction 2

CHAPTER 2. A Tutorial 4
2.1. Basic Terminology 4
2.2. Entity Declaration 5
2.3. Architecture Body 6
2.3.1. Structural Style of Modeling 6
2.3.2. Dataflow Style of Modeling 7
2.3.3. Behavioral Style of Modeling 8
2.3.4. Mixed Style of Modeling 9
2.4. Configuration Declaration 10
2.5. Package Declaration 11
2.6. Package Body 12
2.7. Model Analysis 12
2.8. Simulation 13

CHAPTER 3. Basic Language Elements 14
3.1. Identifiers 14
3.2. Data Objects 14
3.3. Data Types 16
3.3.1. Subtypes 16
3.3.2. Scalar Types 16
3.3.3. Composite Types 19
3.3.4. Access Types 22
3.3.5. Incomplete Types 23
3.3.6. File Types 24
3.4. Operators 25
3.4.1. Logical Operators 26
3.4.2. Relational Operators 26
3.4.3. Adding 0perators 26
3.4.4. Multiplying 0perators 26
3.4.5. Miscellaneous Operators 27

CHAPTER 4. Behavioral Modeling 28
4.1. Entity Declaration 28
4.2. Architecture Body 28
4.3. Process Statement 29
4.4. Variable Assignment Statement 30
4.5. Signal Assignment Statement 30
4.6. Wait Statement 31
4.7. If Statement 32
4.8. Case Statement 33
4.9. Null Statement 34
4.10. Loop Statement 34
4.11. Exit Statement 35
4.12. Next Statement 36
4.13. Assertion Statement 37
4.14. More on Signal Assignment Statement 38
4.14.1. Inertial Delay Model 38
4.14.2. Transport Delay Model 38
4.14.3. Creating Signal Waveforms 39
4.14.4. Signal Drivers 39
4.15. Other Sequential Statements 42
4.16. Multiple Processes 42

CHAPTER 5. Dataflow Modeling 44
5.1. Concurrent Signal Assignment Statement 44
5.2. Concurrent versus Sequential Signal Assignment 45
5.3. Delta Delay Revisited 46
5.4. Multiple Drivers 47
5.5. Conditional Signal Assignment Statement 49
5.6. Selected Signal Assignment Statement 50
5.7. Block Statement 50
5.8. Concurrent Assertion Statement 53

CHAPTER 6. Structural Modeling 54
6.1. An Example 54
6.2. Component Declaration 54
6.3. Component Instantiation 55
6.4. Other Examples 57
6.5. Resolving Signal Values 59

CHAPTER 7. Generics and Configurations 61
7.1. Generics 61
7.2. Why Configurations? 63
7.3. Configuration Specification 63
7.4. Configuration Declaration 67
7.5. Default Rules 69

CHAPTER 8. Subprograms and Overloading 71
8.1. Subprograms 71
8.1.1. Functions 71
8.1.2. Procedures 72
8.1.3. Declarations 74
8.2. Subprogram Overloading 74
8.3. Operator Overloading 76

CHAPTER 9. Packages and Libraries 78
9.1. Package Declaration 78
9.2. Package Body 79
9.3. Design Libraries 79
9.4. Design File 80
9.5. Order of Analysis 80
9.6. Implicit Visibility 81
9.7. Explicit Visibility 81
9.7.1. Library Clause 82
9.7.2. Use Clause 82

CHAPTER 10. Advanced Features 84
10.1. Entity Statements 84
10.2. Generate Statements 84
10.3. Aliases 87
10.4. Qualified Expressions 88
10.5. Type Conversions 88
10.6. Guarded Signals 88
10.7. Attributes 90
10.7.1. User-Defined Attributes 90
10.7.2. Predefined Attributes 91
10.8. Aggregate Targets 95
10.9. More on Block Statements 96

CHAPTER 11. Model Simulation 98
11.1. Simulation 98
11.2. Writing a Test Bench 100
11.2.1. Waveform Generation 101
11.2.2. Monitoring Behavior 106

CHAPTER 12. Hardware Modeling Examples 107
12.1. Modeling Entity lnterface 107
12.2. Modeling Simple Elements 107
12.3. Different Styles of Modeling 110
12.4. Modeling Regular Structures 111
12.5. Modeling Delays 112
12.6. Modeling Conditional Operations 113
12.7. Modeling Synchronous Logic 113
12.8. State Machine Modeling 117
12.9. Interacting State Machines 118
12.10. Modeling Moore FSM 121
12.11. Modeling Mealy FSM 122
12.12. A Simplified Blackjack Program 123
12.13. Hierarchy in Design 124

Download ebook - A VHDL Primer by Jayaram Bhasker
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21 August 2011

Quote by Ayn Rand ,Fact : Ice cream , Motivator :What is Easy, Word of the Day : vaticination

 Quote of The Day

Learn to value yourself, which means: to fight for your happiness.
-Ayn Rand
                         Fact Of The Day                         

Ice cream was originally made without sugar and eggs.

                         Todays Motivator                        

    What is easy?

Easy is overrated. Though easy is nice and convenient, it is not essential.

Many good, valuable and worthwhile things are not easy. Unfortunately, perfectly acceptable options are too often overlooked simply because they are not easy.

Life is not always easy. And yet life is very much worth living, and very much worth the trouble and effort it often requires.

If you only seek the easiest way, you’ll miss out on the best way. If you avoid what is not easy, you’ll deny yourself great richness.

When you expect everything to be easy, you’ll have to lower your other expectations. Many of life’s greatest treasures are so valuable precisely because they are so difficult to attain.

Go to the trouble, make the effort, and take on the difficult challenges. For out there beyond the comfort of what is easy, you can create and experience the magnificence of what is great.
 By Ralph Marston
Source: http://greatday.com

                         Word Of The Day                         


1: prediction
2: the act of prophesying
The book's plot hinges on a teenager with a knack for prophecy and a fondness for offering strangers her vaticinations.

"But as is the case with romance, evidence of interest in vaticination and prognostication comes to us from many different sources, not just the Icelandic sagas." -- From Stephen A. Mitchell's 2010 book Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages
When George Orwell's novel 1984 was published in the late 1940s, a displeased critic said it broke "all records for gloomy vaticination." (In Orwell's favor, another critic asserted, "It is impossible to put the book down.") While it's about as difficult to predict the future of a word as the future of the world, hindsight reveals that "vaticination" has endured better than other words based on Latin "vates," meaning "prophet."
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20 August 2011

All Miss World from 1990 to 2011

Agbani Darego -- Miss World for 2001, Nigeria 

Aishwarya Rai -- Miss World for 1994, India 

Azra Akin -- Miss World for 2002, Turkey

Diana Hayden -- Miss World for 1997, India

Gina Marie Tolleson -- Miss World for 1990, United States

Irene Skliva -- Miss World for 1996, Greece

Jacqueline Aguilera -- Miss World for 1995, Venezuela

Julia Alexandrovna Kourotchkina -- Miss World for 1992, Russia

Kaiane Aldorino -- Miss World for 2009, Gibraltar

Ksenia Sukhinova -- Miss World for 2008, Russia

Linor Abargil -- Miss World for 1998, Israel

Lisa Hanna -- Miss World for 1993, Jamaica

María Julia Mantilla -- Miss World for 2004, Peru

Ninibeth Leal Jiménez -- Miss World for 1991, Venezuela

Priyanka Chopra -- Miss World for 2000, India

Rosanna Diane Davison -- Miss World for 2003, Ireland

Taťána Kuchařová -- Miss World for 2006, Czech Republic

Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir -- Miss World for 2005, Iceland

Yukta Mookhey -- Miss World for 1999, India

Zhang Zilin -- Miss World for 2007, China
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17 August 2011

Ramayana is True... its not just epic its history : Real Images of The Ramayana epic

The following pictures are what is said to be the actual remains which stand proof to the Ramayana epic…..
Most of these sites are located in present day Sri Lanka. Some of the sites are so breathtaking by their sheer magnanimity and mysteriousness……

Ashok vatika where Ravana kept Sita 

Floating Stone from Ramsethu(bridge made by lord Rama and Vanara sena)

Ramsethu From Space

Sanjivani Mountain from where Sanjivani Booti was acquired to save Lakshman which has many exotic herbs even now 

Sugriva Cave Photo in SriLanka

The Ravana Palace which was burnt by Hanuman 
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16 August 2011

Incredible India: A Day in the life of India

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15 August 2011

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