12 August 2011

Happy Birthday to Vikram Sarabhai (Aug 12, 1919-December 31, 1971) : Founder of ISRO,IIM Ahmedabad & ORG

Birthday of a Scientist who contributed in his own way..
* Born on Aug 12, 1919 in Ahemdabad in rich Sarabhai family; was one of the 8 children
* Studied T St. John's college, University of Cambridge.
* Received Tripos in Natural Sciences in 1940
* Did research in cosmic rays under guidance of Nobel laureate C V Raman
* Persuaded charitable trusts controlled by his family and friends to endow a research intitution. As a result, Physical Research Laboratory in Ahemdabad
* Convinced Govt. of India of importance of Space Program and established India Space Research Organization (ISRO). ISRO is one of the only 6 advanced space research organizations in the World.
* Set up Operations Research Group (ORG), the first market research organization in the country.
* Played key role in establishing IIM, Ahmedabad
* replaced Legendary Homi Bhabha as chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission
* Died on December 31, 1971
* His daughter Mallika Sarabhai was awarded Padma Bhushan for the year 2010


* Padma Bhushan (1966)

* Padma Vibhushan (1972)

* Shanti Swarup Bhatnager Award

An incident


Praful D. Bhavsar had taken his B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) Degree. In 1948, he went to Poona to study for the Master of Science Degree. He could not secure admission to any college there. Then, Dr. L. A. Ramdas (of the India Meteorological Department at Poona) told him of the Physical Research Laboratory that Vikram Sarabhai had recently started at Ahmedabad. He told Bhavsar that if he met Vikram Sarabhai his problem would be solved. Bhavsar went to see Sarabhai.

By that time Sarabhai was in a small room, engaged in, blowing a piece of glass tube. He was wearing white Khaddar trousers and a bright green coat. Vikram welcomed Bhavsar with a smile and requested him to wait till his work to be completed. He appeared very simple and free from vanity. Bhavsar had his own mental picture of a great experimental physicist. That picture seemed to have come to life in Sarabhai. Therefore, Bhavsar was ready at that very moment to accept Sarabhai as his Guru (teacher). Sarabhai put him many questions. After finding out why he wanted to study physics, how keen his interest in the subject was and such other details, he admitted him to the Laboratory.

Dying at warfront or as a freedon fighter OR holding fasts is not the ONLY way to serve the country. Live patriotically and contribute for the people around you.

Be the change you want to bring.

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