21 August 2011

Quote by Ayn Rand ,Fact : Ice cream , Motivator :What is Easy, Word of the Day : vaticination

 Quote of The Day

Learn to value yourself, which means: to fight for your happiness.
-Ayn Rand
                         Fact Of The Day                         

Ice cream was originally made without sugar and eggs.

                         Todays Motivator                        

    What is easy?

Easy is overrated. Though easy is nice and convenient, it is not essential.

Many good, valuable and worthwhile things are not easy. Unfortunately, perfectly acceptable options are too often overlooked simply because they are not easy.

Life is not always easy. And yet life is very much worth living, and very much worth the trouble and effort it often requires.

If you only seek the easiest way, you’ll miss out on the best way. If you avoid what is not easy, you’ll deny yourself great richness.

When you expect everything to be easy, you’ll have to lower your other expectations. Many of life’s greatest treasures are so valuable precisely because they are so difficult to attain.

Go to the trouble, make the effort, and take on the difficult challenges. For out there beyond the comfort of what is easy, you can create and experience the magnificence of what is great.
 By Ralph Marston
Source: http://greatday.com

                         Word Of The Day                         


1: prediction
2: the act of prophesying
The book's plot hinges on a teenager with a knack for prophecy and a fondness for offering strangers her vaticinations.

"But as is the case with romance, evidence of interest in vaticination and prognostication comes to us from many different sources, not just the Icelandic sagas." -- From Stephen A. Mitchell's 2010 book Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages
When George Orwell's novel 1984 was published in the late 1940s, a displeased critic said it broke "all records for gloomy vaticination." (In Orwell's favor, another critic asserted, "It is impossible to put the book down.") While it's about as difficult to predict the future of a word as the future of the world, hindsight reveals that "vaticination" has endured better than other words based on Latin "vates," meaning "prophet."
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