24 August 2011

Todays Quote by Mother Teresa, Ice Berg Facts, Motivation Tips and 'toplofty': word of the day with meaning, pronunciation, and example

 Quote of The Day

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
-Mother Teresa
                         Fact Of The Day                         

The average ice berg weighs 20,000,000 tons

                         Todays Motivator                        

Make it be

 Don’t allow the troubles to get the best of you. Instead, allow those troubles to make the best of you.

Don’t tire yourself out fighting against the challenges. Instead, find new energy by embracing those challenges and working through them to create real value.

Always remind yourself that discouragement is nothing more than a response you’ve chosen. When you find that you’ve chosen to let it be, you can just as surely choose to let it go.

In the place of discouragement, you can put determination. It is your life’s energy, and you can point it in whatever direction you choose.

Your most powerful response is not based only on what has already happened. Your most powerful response also takes into account what you wish to make happen next.

Look forward, and envision in great detail the future you desire. Then gather all your energy, and step forward to make it be.

 By Ralph Marston
Source: http://greatday.com

                         Word Of The Day                         



 : very superior in air or attitude
Our dinner guest was interesting but a bit toplofty as she recounted tales of her adventures abroad for us.

"He was being enormously toplofty, of course, trying to frighten her. And half succeeding." -- From Mary Balogh's 2011 novel More Than a Mistress
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How many words do we need to describe those who seem to think they're better than the rest of us? By the 19th century we already had "arrogant," "haughty," and "supercilious," but there was apparently need for more because by mid-century the language had garnered two others: "toplofty" and its variant "toploftical." The source of these is likely the phrase "top loft," which refers to the highest story of a building. Neither is common, but both are available to you should their synonyms prove too boring or obvious.
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