30 May 2008

Bihari Sithikant: IIT JEE 2008 Topper & super30 scores 100%

Bihari Sithikant: IIT JEE 2008 Topper & "Super30" scores 100%
At 8.30 this morning, Shitikanth, 17, discovered he had topped the All India Joint Entrance Exam for the Indian Institutes of Technology. Since then the celebrations haven't stopped in his Patna home, neither has his cell phone stopped ringing.

Shitikhant @ his residence @ patna with MOM and Sister

"I had expected to be amongst the top 5 and since the scores are not out yet -- I am hoping to get a score of 440," told Shitikanth .

The sons of doctor parents, Shitikant says he will opt for IIT-Kanpur to pursue a degree in computer science. "I have always been interested in it and feel not only is a good field but will also give me great scope for research."

Before he enters the hallowed portals of IIT-K, he will travel to Vietnam on July 17 to participate in the Physics Olympiad.

Having scored 91.4 per cent in his Class XII examination this year, Shitikanth says he followed a very flexible study schedule. After Class X, he moved to Kota in Rajasthan, a popular centre of coaching for competitive examinations, where he attended up to three-and-half hours of coaching and studied up to 6 to 7 hours on his own every day.

Giving tips from his own preparation, he followed three primary basics for his exams:

"Focus. Give every subject equal importance. Keep a basic but flexible schedule where you say that I will finish so much in so much time."

He says he mostly studied on his own but would meet for group studies when he wanted to discuss a problem.

Thrilled, he says he has been celebrating with his parents and sister, a student at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. "We are going to have a huge bash tonight," says the new star of Patna.

Congratulation from Bihar Chief Minister: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar congratulated Sithikant, topping the entrance test of the Indian Institute of Techonolgy (IIT) and also to all the students of 'Super 30' group making to various IITs across the country. The 'Super 30' group students have been trained to answer questions of IIT entrance test by mathematician of international repute Anand Kumar and Additional Director General of Police Abhyanand, who teaches physics. The Chief Minister said these students have brought laurels to the state. He said the government would provide all kinds of help to meritorious students.
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25 May 2008

New Bangalore airport

New Bangalore airport

The Bengaluru International Airport on Saturday inaugurated and handled 341 air traffic movements, including 172 arrivals and 159 departures, setting a record of sorts on the inaugural day of commercial operations.

"It was business as usual on Day 1. Though a weekend, we have been well prepared to handle the heavy traffic from the new airport. The air traffic control guided about 100 aircraft in landing and taking off during the first 24 hours of commencing the operations," a spokesperson of the airport operator, Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL), told IANS.

The Rs 2,500-crore swanky airport at Devanahalli, about 40 km from India's IT hub, took to wings in the wee hours of Saturday, with state-run Air India flying the first aircraft to Singapore 15 minutes past Friday midnight (00.15 IST) amid euphoria and anxiety over the arrival of other aircraft in the odd hours due to the simultaneous closure of the old airport in the city.

"The first 18 hours of day one operations have been satisfactory in comparison to other such transitions the world over. Teething problems apart, the operational take-off has been smooth. The glitches will be tackled within a week".

The poor connectivity between the gridlocked city and the new airport did not impact much the vehicular movement due to less traffic on the weekend. The magnitude of the connectivity problem will be known on working days from Monday, as the arterial road to the airport is used by vehicles hitting the National Highway No.7 towards Hyderabad.

"Concerns over traffic ordeal and long delays in reaching the airport were cast away by many passengers, as the average time taken from the city or suburbs varied between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. The frequent shuttle service of state-run transport corporation buses between city points and the airport was in great demand from many outgoing and in-coming passengers."

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24 May 2008

Soha Ali Khan-Shades Clothes-goes bikini

Soha Ali Khan-Shades Clothes-goes bikini

Looks like Soha Ali Khan has decided to measure up to her mother's standards.

But wait, it's got nothing to do with her acting skills as Sharmila Tagore still rules the roost when it comes to talent in that department.

Nevertheless, Soha has decided to follow her mother's steps as far as the glam quotient is concerned. The cute faced actress has decided to reveal her naughty sultry side for the latest cover of lifestyle magazine Maxim.

Yes, Soha has gone from nice to naughty as she 'sheds her inhibitions and clothes'. The actress is all set to surprise her fans and critics as she appears in two-piece bikini for the cover page.

The popular magazine that has had numerous celebrities such as Bipasha, Mallika Shrewat, Sherlyn Chopra, Malaika Arora Khan pose for it. Now with Soha posing for its cover, Maxim will truly be known for its 'Maximum' glam quotient..

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23 May 2008

Bollywood Hot Kangna for Levi's Ad

Bollywood Hot Kangna for  Levi's Ad
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ISRO to launch moon mission by December


I think you might find the following story interesting! Pls click on the URL given below or just copy and paste the URL on the address bar of your browser to view the page.

hallosushant@gmail.com says :
isro is a boon for india

ISRO to launch moon mission by December



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21 May 2008

108 Names of Lord Ganesha (with meanings)

108 Names of Lord Ganesha (with meanings)

1 Akhurath - One who has Mouse as His Charioteer
2 Alampata - Ever Eternal Lord
3 Amit - Incomparable Lord
4 Anantachidrupamayam - Infinite and Consciousness Personified
5 Avaneesh - Lord of the whole World
6 Avighna - Remover of Obstacles
7 Balaganapati - Beloved and Lovable Child
8 Bhalchandra - Moon-Crested Lord
9 Bheema - Huge and Gigantic
10 Bhupati - Lord of the Gods

11 Bhuvanpati - God of the Gods
12 Buddhinath - God of Wisdom
13 Buddhipriya - Knowledge Bestower
14 Buddhividhata - God of Knowledge
15 Chaturbhuj - One who has Four Arms
16 Devadeva - Lord of All Lords
17 Devantakanashakarin - Destroyer of Evils And Asuras
18 Devavrata - One who accepts all Penances
19 Devendrashika - Protector of All Gods
20 Dharmik - One who gives Charity

21 Dhoomravarna - Smoke-Hued Lord
22 Durja - Invincible Lord
23 Dvaimatura - One who has two Mothers
24 Ekaakshara - He of the Single Syllable
25 Ekadanta - Single-Tusked Lord
26 Ekadrishta - Single-Tusked Lord
27 Eshanputra - Lord Shiva's Son
28 Gadadhara - One who has The Mace as His Weapon
29 Gajakarna - One who has Eyes like an Elephant
30 Gajanana - Elephant-Faced Lord

31 Gajananeti - Elephant-Faced Lord
32 Gajavakra - Trunk of The Elephant
33 Gajavaktra - One who has Mouth like An Elephant
34 Ganadhakshya - Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
35 Ganadhyakshina - Leader of All The Celestial Bodies
36 Ganapati - Lord of All Ganas (Gods)
37 Gaurisuta - The Son of Gauri (Parvati)
38 Gunina - One who is The Master of All Virtues
39 Haridra - One who is Golden Coloured
40 Heramba - Mother's Beloved Son
41 Kapila - Yellowish-Brown Coloured
42 Kaveesha - Master of Poets
43 Krti - Lord of Music
44 Kripalu - Merciful Lord
45 Krishapingaksha - Yellowish-Brown Eyed
46 Kshamakaram - The Place of Forgiveness
47 Kshipra - One who is easy to Appease
48 Lambakarna - Large-Eared Lord
49 Lambodara - The Huge Bellied Lord
50 Mahabala - Enormously Strong Lord

51 Mahaganapati - Omnipotent and Supreme Lord
52 Maheshwaram - Lord of The Universe
53 Mangalamurti - All Auspicious Lord
54 Manomay - Winner of Hearts
55 Mrityuanjaya - Conqueror of Death
56 Mundakarama - Abode of Happiness
57 Muktidaya - Bestower of Eternal Bliss
58 Musikvahana - One who has mouse As charioteer
59 Nadapratithishta - One who Appreciates And Loves Music
60 Namasthetu - Vanquisher of All Evils & Vices & Sins
61 Nandana - Lord Shiva's Son
62 Nideeshwaram - Giver of Wealth and Treasures
63 Omkara - One who has the Form Of OM
64 Pitambara - One who has Yellow-Coloured Body
65 Pramoda - Lord of All Abodes
66 Prathameshwara - First Among All
67 Purush - The Omnipotent Personality
68 Rakta - One who has Red-Coloured Body
69 Rudrapriya - Beloved Of Lord Shiva
70 Sarvadevatman - Acceptor of All Celestial Offerings

71 Sarvasiddhanta - Bestower of Skills And Wisdom
72 Sarvatman - Protector of The Universe
73 Shambhavi - The Son of Parvati
74 Shashivarnam - One who has a Moon Like Complexion
75 Shoorpakarna - Large-Eared Lord
76 Shuban - All Auspicious Lord
77 Shubhagunakanan - One who is The Master of All Virtues
78 Shweta - One who is as Pure as the White Colour
79 Siddhidhata - Bestower of Success & Accomplishments
80 Siddhipriya - Bestower of Wishes and Boons

81 Siddhivinayaka - Bestower of Success
82 Skandapurvaja - Elder Brother of Skand (Lord Kartik)
83 Sumukha - Auspicious Face
84 Sureshwaram - Lord of All Lords
85 Swaroop - Lover of Beauty
86 Tarun Ageless
87 Uddanda - Nemesis of Evils and Vices
88 Umaputra - The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)
89 Vakratunda - Curved Trunk Lord
90 Varaganapati - Bestower of Boons

91 Varaprada - Granter of Wishes and Boons
92 Varadavinayaka - Bestower of Success
93 Veeraganapati - Heroic Lord
94 Vidyavaridhi - God of Wisdom
95 Vighnahara - Remover of Obstacles
96 Vignaharta - Demolisher of Obstacles
97 Vighnaraja - Lord of All Hindrances
98 Vighnarajendra - Lord of All Obstacles
99 Vighnavinashanaya - Destroyer of All Obstacles & Impediments
100 Vigneshwara - Lord of All Obstacles

101 Vikat - Huge and Gigantic
102 Vinayaka - Lord of All
103 Vishwamukha - Master of The Universe
104 Vishwaraja - King of The World
105 Yagnakaya - Acceptor of All Sacred & Sacrficial Offerings
106 Yashaskaram - Bestower of Fame and Fortune
107 Yashvasin - Beloved and Ever Popular Lord
108 Yogadhipa - The Lord of Meditation

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20 May 2008

Jeffrey Archer set to base next novel in India

Jeffrey Archer set to base next novel in India

There is good news for all fans of Jeffrey Archer – the best-selling novelist is touring India to promote his later offering A Prisoner of Birth.

The life of the man is nearly as colourful as his novels. Archer, a former Member of Parliament also ran a Canadian company called Aquablast and was even gaoled for fraud.

“Lots of people have colourful lives. It doesn't mean they can sit down and tell a story,” Archer said.

In the Capital to launch A Prisoner of Birth, published by Macmillan, Archer is so overwhelmed by the Indian experience that he is already planning to set his next novel in India.

“After the Indian tour, my wife and I are taking a holiday and then I'm going to write. Possibly that's all I can tell you now that it takes place in India,” he revealed.

A Prisoner of Birth and three volumes of A Prison Diary later, it is life behind bars that continues to fascinate the author.

“It's the story of a young man who takes his girlfriend for dinner and asks her to marry him, (then) gets involved in a fight that has nothing to do with him,” Archer explained.

But more than fascination, it is the pressure to deliver a bigger bestseller each time.

Love him or trash him, you just cannot ignore Lord Jeffrey Archer, whose works have been translated into 32 languages and have sold over 135 million copies. For those who are new to the writer, this might be the right time to pick up A Prisoner of Birth, which is already a bestseller in India.

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19 May 2008

President, Vice-President, PM greet people on Buddha Purnima

President, Vice-President, PM greet people on Buddha Purnima

President, Vice-President and Prime Minister on Monday greeted the countrymen on the ocassion of Buddha Purnima, saying the festival strengthens the values of non-violence, compassion and brotherhood.

"Lord Buddha inspires us to follow the path of truth, peace and compassion and serve humanity to affirm our faith in the eternal values of non-violence and universal brotherhood," President Pratibha Patil said in her message. Buddha Purnima is being celebrated on Tuesday across the country.

Vice-President M Hamid Ansari said Lord Buddha's "englightened" teachings showed people the "eternal path of ahimsa, right conduct and universal love". "Lord Buddha's teachings have the power to save mankind from ignorance, turmoil and moral decay," he said in his message.

In his message, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, "may this festival strengthen the commitment to unity and fellow feeling among citizens." "The occasion is a reminder to humanity of the ideals of Lord Buddha. It reinforces the strength of te principles of non-violence, compassion and brotherhood."

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18 May 2008

IPL Tamasha

IPL Tamasha

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Einstein on Gandhi

Einstein on Gandhi

I believe that Gandhi's views were the most enlightened of all the political men in our time.

We should strive to do things in his spirit: not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in anything you believe is evil.

To know more about what Einstein Think about M.K. Gandhi visit:


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$404,000 for a letter: Albert Einstein

$404,000 for a letter: Albert Einstein

From the grave, Albert Einstein poured gasoline on the culture wars between science and religion this week.

A letter the physicist wrote in 1954 to the philosopher Eric Gutkind, in which he described the Bible as “pretty childish” and scoffed at the notion that the Jews could be a “chosen people,” sold for $404,000 at an auction in London. That was 25 times the presale estimate.

The Associated Press quoted Rupert Powell, the managing director of Bloomsbury Auctions, as describing the unidentified buyer as having “a passion for theoretical physics and all that that entails.” Among the unsuccessful bidders, according to The Guardian newspaper, was Oxford evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, an outspoken atheist.

The price makes the Gutkind letter one of the best sellers among Einstein manuscripts. That $404,000 is only a little less than the $442,500 paid for the entire collection of 53 love letters between Einstein and his first wife, Mileva Maric, at an auction at Christie’s in New York in 1996. At that same auction a paper by Einstein and his best friend, Michele Besso, attempting a calculation that would later be a pivotal piece of his crowning achievement, the General Theory of Relativity, went for $398,500.

Diana L. Kormos-Buchwald, a historian at the California Institute of Technology and head of the Einstein Papers project, said she was not surprised that the Gutkind letter, which was known to Einstein scholars, fetched such a high price.

“It is an important expression of Einstein’s thoughts and views on religion, on Judaism, on his views about God and religious texts,” she wrote in an e-mail message. She said the letter, which was not written for publication, was “concise and unvarnished” and more straightforward than the metaphors he usually turned to in public.

Gerald Holton, a historian of science at Harvard and a longtime Einstein expert, also was not surprised. He said Einstein’s marketability had been improved by the last few years of hoopla about the 100th anniversary of relativity, which included his selection as Time magazine’s Man of the Century in 2000, and several new biographies. Dr. Holton described the letter as “a feat of eloquent Credo in short form.”

Einstein, as he says in his autobiographical notes, lost his religion at the age of 12, concluding that it was all a lie, and he never looked back. But he never lost his religious feeling about the apparent order of the universe or his intuitive connection with its mystery, which he savored. “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is its comprehensibility,” he once said.

“If something is in me that can be called religious,” he wrote in another letter, in 1954, “then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as science can reveal it.”

Einstein consistently characterized the idea of a personal God who answers prayers as naive, and life after death as wishful thinking. But his continual references to God — as a metaphor for physical law; in his famous rebuke to quantum mechanics, “God doesn’t play dice”; and in lines like the endlessly repeated, “ Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind” — has led some wishful thinkers to try to put him in the camp of some kind of believer or even, not long ago, to paint him as an advocate of intelligent design.

Trying to distinguish between a personal God and a more cosmic force, Einstein described himself as an “agnostic” and “not an atheist,” which he associated with the same intolerance as religious fanatics. “They are creatures who — in their grudge against the traditional ‘opium for the people’ — cannot bear the music of the spheres.”

The problem of God, he said, “is too vast for our limited minds.”

Einstein’s latest words offer scant comfort to the traditionally faithful.

In the letter, according to the A.P. account, he wrote that “the word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.”

As for his fellow Jews, he said that Judaism, like all other religions, was “an incarnation of the most childish superstitions.”

He claimed a deep affinity with the Jewish people, he said, but “as far as my experience goes they are also no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything ‘chosen’ about them.”

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