19 May 2008

President, Vice-President, PM greet people on Buddha Purnima

President, Vice-President, PM greet people on Buddha Purnima

President, Vice-President and Prime Minister on Monday greeted the countrymen on the ocassion of Buddha Purnima, saying the festival strengthens the values of non-violence, compassion and brotherhood.

"Lord Buddha inspires us to follow the path of truth, peace and compassion and serve humanity to affirm our faith in the eternal values of non-violence and universal brotherhood," President Pratibha Patil said in her message. Buddha Purnima is being celebrated on Tuesday across the country.

Vice-President M Hamid Ansari said Lord Buddha's "englightened" teachings showed people the "eternal path of ahimsa, right conduct and universal love". "Lord Buddha's teachings have the power to save mankind from ignorance, turmoil and moral decay," he said in his message.

In his message, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, "may this festival strengthen the commitment to unity and fellow feeling among citizens." "The occasion is a reminder to humanity of the ideals of Lord Buddha. It reinforces the strength of te principles of non-violence, compassion and brotherhood."

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