03 May 2008

Bihar Professor: Panel Speaker at UN seminar

Bihar Professor: Panel Speaker at UN seminar

Mr. Girija Nandan Singh, Professor and Head of the Department of Geography from R. D.& D J College, Munger, Bihar has been invited as a panel speaker at a seminar organized by Humanist Bioethics International , an affiliate of United Nation at New York, USA. He will speak on “Religion, Medicine, and Ethics with relation to the population growth in India”. This is a proud moment for the State of Bihar from where somebody has been selected to represent the country as a panel speaker. The seminar will be attended by people coming from all around the world. Among thousands of delegates, only 6 have been selected on panel.

Prof. Singh has represented T. M. Bhagalpur University at the International Geography Congress in Washington D.C, USA (1992), Seoul, South Korea (2000) & Glasgow, United Kingdom (2004). His primary area of specialization is Physical Geography, Population Geography, Environmental Geography & Resource Management. Along with attending this seminar, he will also lead the discussion on “Poverty, Education & Bihar” in a gathering of people from Bihar at New York USA. At this discussion, he will discuss about the changes in economic and educational development of Bihar. Along with these programs, he will also present a paper on “Population Geography, and INDIA” at Rutgers University, New Jersey, New York, USA.

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