11 May 2008

Diabetics in India

Diabetics in India

Over 30 million diabetics in India. India is home to the largest population of diabetics in the world with more than 30 million people suffering from the disease.
"India is considered the diabetic capital in the world, with the largest population of diabetics," says a study by MSD Pharmaceuticals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merck and Co Inc (USA).


The company launched 'Januvia' (Sitagliptin), an approved Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor for Type 2 Diabetes, on 8th may.

MSD Managing Director Naveen Rao said that Sitagliptin represents the first new class of oral medication for the diabetic population since 1999, available in around 70 countries, would now reach patient's hands in India if prescribed by a doctor.
He said that diabetes is a growing epidemic that shows no sign of slowing down and is the fifth leading cause of death globally.

"Patients with diabetes are at risk of slow and irreversible damage to heart, kidneys and eyes, which accounts for increased morbidity and mortality associated with the disease,"

Diabetes Problems

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