27 October 2010

Download full free cracked Adobe pdf Reader for symbian Mobiles [ s60 v5 ] for Nokia 5233, 5800 and other touch screen Mobiles

Adobe pdf Reader is the best pdf ebook reader for mobile.
Download full free cracked Adobe pdf Reader for symbian Mobiles [ s60 v5 ] for Nokia 5233, 5800 and other touch screen Mobiles.


Press on "Continue" to read your pdf files.
Other Important details related to Installation refer "Installation Guide.txt" in download file.

If You like this software Do Purchase It.
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Maria Mcclain said...

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$$ Harry said...

where can i get unlock code for adobe reader..................it says i have 15 days trial version


Anonymous said...

Hey i installed d original trial version and d next step is to sign d crack file....how to sign d crack file please help me out m not able to get it ....
it says i have 15 days trial version..!!

sushant said...

Guys, The Installation steps are as follows:

1)Install the trial File "Adobe Reader Mobile Trial_2.5.361_Nokia_S605.0" in your mobile.
2)Register/Login at cer.opda.cn
3) Choose your mobile model and give your IMEI no and submit, you will get your "certificate & key" file in 24hrs, & download it.
4) Download signSis.exe and install it in your PC.
5) @ Profile/IMEI : enter your IMEI no ,
@ DevCert: browse to ur mobile certificate and select it,
@ KeyFile: browse to ur mobile key file and select it,
@ Key: enter any integer value "012345"...
@ Output Filename settings: select Text and enter "signed"
@ check the checkbox "remove 'Unsigned' from filename"
@ uncheck the checkbox "Delete source file"
@ Input.sis(x): browse to the adobe crack file : "Adobe.Reader.LE.v2.5.361.REPACK.Unsigned.Cracked"

6) Click on "SignSIS!". You will get "Successful signed" alert, click Ok.
7) You will get the signed file "Adobe.Reader.LE.v2.5.361.REPACK..Cracked_signed" at the same location as crack file.
8) Install this file and its all done.

f you really like this software, do purchase it.

sam said...

pls tell me unlock code

email: surjeet.rout@gmail.com

i use nokia 5233

sushant said...

Dear Sam,
This will provide u adobe trial for 100000+ days...
SO just click on continue when asked to Purchase / Continue ...

Anonymous said...

hi, my phone is Sony Ericssion U1i satio. its Adobe reader always shows "15 days trial version expired"
thn Purchase/ Continue
give me a soluation.

sarthak said...

plz tell me how to unlick it
by using key plzzzzzzzzzzzz

sushant said...

@Sarthak , why do u wanna unlock it if still u can use it with all features and also for 10000+ days

RamkoVIP said...

pisi vip_ramko@hotmail.com
nokia 5800 xm coba .. plzz

arif k said...

where i will get full version pdf reader for nokia 5233

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