17 June 2011

98 kilos of gold, 11.56 crore in cash, and 307 kilos of silver were discovered from the private chambers of Sri Sathya Sai Baba's at his ashram Yajur Mandir in Puttaparthi

The spiritual and religious guru of millions died on April 24.

Sai Baba's chambers were locked up after he fell ill in late March and was moved to a local hospital.

The room was opened last evening by members of the Trust and Satyajit, who was Sai Baba's personal assistant. Two senior retired judges were present.  An assessor approved by the Income Tax Department assisted in evaluating the gold, jewellery and silver, according to Trust member and Sai Baba's nephew R J Ratnakar.

"The cash found in the Yajur Mandir has been deposited in the account of the Trust in State Bank of India, Prasanthi Nilayam," Mr Ratnakar told reporters here.

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