22 January 2012

A quick article on how to make a beer can ashtray

Here is a quick article on how to make a beer can ashtray. They work pretty well in a pinch for gifts or decoration, and also make a pretty good party trick.

Be really careful with this one, I cut myself on the sharp aluminum pretty badly. You might want to wear a thick pair of gardening gloves for protection.

  1. Start with a beer can. Drink the beer.

  2. Cut the top off right where the can begins to straighten out (about an inch from the top).
  3. Snip the can from top to bottom into eight even strips. Start by pinching the can in half and making two pieces, pinch again to make four, and once more to make eight. You can vary the number of strips to achieve a different effect, but I like to use eight.

  4. Spread out the strips to make a star pattern.

  5. Take your first strip and fold it over the strip beside it, and below the next one. See the picture below for an example.

  6. Continue folding the strips all the way around by tucking a strip below the next strip. Make sure that it goes over the end of the previous strip.

  7. Continue around the can until you have only one strip remaining.

  8. Take the final strip and tuck it below the first strip. Make sure to go above the previous strip and under the first. If it does not fit, you may need to pull the first strip back a little bit.

Enjoy your new ashtray. Make sure to comment, and post any ideas you might have.
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