22 February 2010

IIT Roorkee presents Cognizance 2010: WE'RE COMING.


IIT Roorkee brings you its Annual Technical Festival Cognizance 2010, one of the largest extravaganzas of its kind in India witnessing a large multidimensional congregation of over 7,000 budding technocrats from not only in and around the country, but internationally too.

Cognizance is an assimilation of over 150 events spread across 16 departments.  A plethora of exciting events ranging from the likes of Hands-On workshops and Guest Lectures from eminent personalities to Chaos- The gaming fiesta, exciting quizzes like Quizzotica and Enquesta as well as an exhaustive range of Coding and Robotics events await you over the weekend of March 26-28, 2010. The glorious repertoire of the ultra-popular Centerstage events is going to be enhanced further in Cognizance 2010 with Guest lectures from Nobel Prize awardees and established filmstars. Take a look at the star attractions this year.


Ideaz - The international level paper presentation competition is one of the largest in India. Cognizance 2010 provides a podium for people to showcase their innovative ideas in the form of papers in various subjects o promote interest and channelize people's efforts into the various areas of research.
DEADLINE: 24th February                                                                                  VISIT: http://cognizance.org.in/main/events/ideaz_list.php

Spotlight- The Real-time industrial problem that aims not only at providing you an interface to the practical problems faced by the industry but also serves as a medium for innovative holistic solutions needed by the present day world.            
     DEADLINE: 24th February                                                         VISIT: http://cognizance.org.in/main/events/spotlight.php

Spectrum- The on-the spot prize competitions of various departments prove to be the hot attractions of Cognizance. Experiencing a huge participation, these events not only satisfy varied interests but also expose you to the latest ongoing developments in the field.


TechnoVision- Our Theme Based Event.
IIT Roorkee, the oldest Technical college in Asia, has always worked to keep the lamp of human ingenuity shining brightly. Cognizance has also played an important role in the mission to achieve excellence. It is with the same endeavor that Cognizance brings to you its flagship event, 
Under the banner of TechnoVision, COGNIZANCE-2010 will host 3 main events
1. For a better tomorrow     
2. Solar Conference             
3. Innovation Awards

Model Copenhagen- At Cognizance 2010, we bring the climate change debate to you, the next generation of world leaders and thinkers through Model Copenhagen. This event, as the name suggests, involves students participating as representatives of various countries and discussing various issues. Here your views matter, your resolutions will be discussed and promoted, fresh viewpoints will be explored and old conclusions revised.
VISIT: http://cognizance.org.in/main/centerstage/model_copenhagen/index.php

Corpostrat- The acid test of Enterpreneurship. The buzz words that pop first when one start to think about business are customers and profit. But apart from them, a BPlan which can reach the masses of India and address the problem of digital divide is what this competition aims to find.
VISIT:  http://cognizance.org.in/main/centerstage/corpostrat/index.php

Chaos-  One of the largest gaming fiestas of India.
The various battlegrounds will engage fighters in CounterStrike, Age Of Empires, Need For Speed Most Wanted, DoTA and FIFA. This event is definitely not for the faint-hearted. In the wise words of the Joker again,
"And you know the thing about chaos? It's fair."

A driverless car is an autonomous vehicle that can drive itself from one point to another without any external assistance. It is believed that such electric autonomous vehicles have the potential to transform the transportation industry while virtually eliminating accidents and simultaneously cleaning up the environment.
Robosapiens- Man and Machine. Power Extreme!Second law of Robotics: a robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings. If the above makes any sense to you, or is even one of the governing laws of your life, then Robosapiens is your salvation.
Prodesk- The Product Design Competition.You are your own product. You are what you make. Product Design is the backbone of every industry. Product design and development is a combination of creativity and analysis.

Quizzotica- Quizzotica is the showpiece inter-collegiate quizzing event of Cognizance-2010; a titanic battle between the best colleges in India culminating in the crowning of the ultimate quizzing champion of the country.


Indian Army- Display of latest technologies in defense equipments such as Tanks etc. over the three days of Cognizance will boggle you.

NIF- The National Innovation Foundation brings you 15 Grass root Inventors from all the corners of the nation to better explain the spirit of "Technovating India".

Infrared Thermography- Get an infrared imagery of yourself from the latest FLIR infrared cameras, the global leader in IR technology.

Bionic Hand- The latest prosthetic device in the world gets displayed amidst the presence of budding minds of the nation.

Satcom- The latest advancements in distance education and rural medicine and the role of satellite communication in it brought to you first-handedly by one of the biggest players in the industry.

SCARA Robot Arm- For the first time in Asia, we bring you robots having 3 degrees of freedom such as SCARA, Hexapod etc.


Dr. Archana Sharma- Physicist and a staff member of CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research.Presently working on the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project in Geneva, Switzerland..

Barkha Dutt- Famed T.V reporter and journalist.

Dr. Vishy Poosala- The Head of Bell Labs India. He leads a world-class R&D team in delivering research breakthroughs and internal technology ventures.

Mr. Dilip Chhabria- The most famous Car designer of India. The "Tarzan" and "Nano" fame comes to enliven the R-land.

Dr.Mark Clampin-
Webb Telescope Observatory Project Senior Scientist, NASA.

Mr.Gaurav Singh- Officer on Special Duty in Prime Minister's Office.India's one of the best Hackers.

Mr.Kapil Kak-
Former Air Vice Marshal in the Indian Air Force. He is currently associated with the Center of Air Power Studies

Mr.Sushil Ramola- Chairman of B-ABLE.

Prizes Worth Rs. 15 Lacs to be Won!! Visit  www.cognizance.org.in   !!

Email: helpdesk@cognizance.org.in                                                                                                    Phone: +91-9897598156

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