14 June 2005


India's first train: 1854 15:35, 16th April,1853, Bombay. With a salute of 21 guns India's first train set out on it's maiden journey from Boribunder (Bombay) to Tannah (now Thane). The historic train covers 33.81 km long journey in 57 minutes carring 400 guests in its 14 carriages. The introduction of India's first rail journey came after 27 years of introduction of the world's first railway system in England. The oldest working steam locomotive in the world. Fairy Queen built by Kitson,Thomson & Hewitson in Leeds, UK. It was acquired by East Indian Railway in 1855. Lord Falkland was the first Broad Gauge (5' 6") Engine to operate in India in 1852. Built by Vulcan Foundries,UK, this shunting engine belonged to the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. The first locomotive to be built in India in 1895:F Class, 0-6-0. Its light 7.6 tone axeleloding was ideally suited for the track conditions of India. SOME GREAT YEARS OF INDIAN RAILWAY: 1843: Lord Dalhousie conceives the possibility of connecting India by means of railway. 1853: India's first Broad Gauge train leaves from Boribunder (Bombay) to Thane. 1855: "Fairy Queen" comes into service. 1873: First Meter Gauge line opened from Delhi to Farukhnagar. 1890: Indian Railway Act passed. 1891: Toilets in third class coaches introduced. 1895: First locomotive built in India at Ajmer Works. 1902: Electric lights in coaches introduced. 1922: All-steel coaches introduced. 1925: India's first electric train introduced by the Great Indian Peninsular Railway at Bombay. Railway Finance separated from General Finance, First Railway Budget presented. 1936: Air conditioning introduced in passenger coaches. 1937: Railway Board placed under the Ministry. 1950: Central Advisory committee for Railways approves regrouping of Indian Railway into six zonal systems. 1957: Railway Protection Force constituted. 1961: Diesel Loco Works (DLW) set up at Varanasi. 1985: Computerized Passenger Reservation System introduced. 2002: 150th year of Indian Railways. Jan Shatabdi trains. More when the coming years get into the history of the railways.
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