03 November 2009

Govt Financial grants for Basic Science Research open to MSc and Phd students by Union science and technology ministry for a period of 2 years.

The Centre is to hand out a two-year financial dole to fresh science graduates to help them continue higher studies and thus stop the decline in basic science researchhttp://hallosushant.blogspot.com/
The project of the Union science and technology ministry will be open to MSc and Phd students. The grant is intended to instil confidence among students to take up basic sciences, science and technology department.

An unemployed MSc or Phd basic science student can write a proposal to the department of science and technology on any project that would have useful results — either in terms of a product or in terms of enhanced knowledge, or new formulations in basic sciences. The proposal is evaluated by experts, and if okayed, the student gets the grant for two years. http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

Students may not want to do an MSc or Phd in basic sciences, fearing they won’t land jobs. This hits research in basic sciences as well as the student ratio and strength. If there is some sort of security and an assured financial support period, students would feel confident to take up MSc or Phd in basic sciences.

The ministry is planning an awareness drive across the country on the science allowance. ‘‘Not many students are aware of the plan for basic sciences. We plan to go region-wise. There need be no fear about proposals being rejected. Keeping in mind the need to encourage basic science students, we have brought down the rejection rate. More students can now get grants,’’ said the official.
The grant expires after two years, and will be offered to a fresh batch of students — thus rotated every two years. The ministry is of the view that two years is adequate time for a student to find a job and that other students would be waiting for financial help.
‘‘The money coming from the DST is good and will be enough to help the student coast through a year or two. We expect a student to come up with a project that would be job-enabling, as experience on the project would count in job offers. The good thing is that students would not be penniless for the two-year period. The science ministry takes care of the student until he or she finds a job,’’ the official said.

For more info visit: DST

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