05 November 2009

Is India ready to become the Biggest Economy of the World? Please Donate to Help stop Child Labour

We all know India is growing at an extensive speed, giving birth to a lot of entrepreneurs and Business Tycoons. Our Status and reputation are gaining strength in the World. In every Aspect we are developing but still Vision 2020 of Dr.Kalam can not be achieved unless we reduce the gap between these two positions:

.Photo: by Shelton Muller

At an age when she should be visiting school and learning, she is earning livelihood for herself and her family. Showing her extraordinary skills of balancing on rope she manage to earn Rs.100 a day from the offerings from the passing buyers on the road side of PUSHKAR. Though she can make her carrier and future in Gymnasium and may bring back some medals for the country, but who has time to look into it. Every one is busy and counting there own lot. Even Govt. approaches them only when they seems to be a potential vote bank. http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/
Still the no of Child Labours in India is at an alarming level. Sparing some pennies from our daily extravagance like an ice-cream or just a cigarette we can help them shape their future.If we want to see India at the apex we need to change ourself.  Those pennies may not count for you but meant a lot for those whose daily earning is less then $1. http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

After 6 decades of Independence child labour exists and we think we are developing. These Kids did not ask for a laptop or an ice-cream but there age needs a nourishment for their Mind and Body. They are the one which can shape the future and image of India. Govt is trying a lot for them, providing basic schooling and even mid-day meals and school dress completely free to attract them to attend classes, but what really approaches them is not hidden from anyone. The corruption is present at every level. Despite the numerous promises and provisions made by the Indian government, the state of many of the country's children continues to be pitiable. Statistics reveal that there are close to 13 million child laborers, about 3 to 5 lakh children are forcibly engaged in prostitution and at least 18 million children live on the streets in India. Coupled with child abuse and poverty figures, the picture is far from pretty. A little help on your part can bring these numbers down! http://hallosushant.blogspot.com/

We need to change it, It is the responsibility of every Indian to ask and check the status and condition of such schools and to contribute to shape the life of these 'to be futures' of India. There are a lot of NGO's and other organisations helping these kids to smile. Please Help them to make these kids SMILE in true sense.
Please Donate: your Donation can help:

Donate through UNICEF : As low as Rs. 1000 [click here]
Donate to Cry CRY: Child Rights and You 
Sponsor a Child : World Vision India and get TAX benefits under section 80G
Donate to Smile Foundation
Donate for India Street Kids
Donate online to accountable Indian NGOs working for children

Please Jaago India Jaago Don't think about yourself only, we are human we are meant to share the problems of the world. Please Donate and help her.
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