28 November 2010

NPCIL to add 1400 mw to Kaiga plant

KARNATAKA: State-run nuclear power utility, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, plans to add two more units of 700 megawatts (mw) each at the Kaiga Atomic Power Station in Karnataka, company officials said on Saturday after the commissioning of the fourth unit at the plant.

With the commissioning of the indigenously-developed 220 MW Unit-4, India’s nuclear power capacity has risen to 4,780 mw. The fourth unit achieved criticality, or ability to sustain stable reactions and steady power supply, at 8.07.22 am on Saturday and would start commercial generation in two months.

The Unit – 4 at Kaiga was constructed a few years back but could not be commissioned due to lack of supply of Uranium fuel. The unit tied up Uranium supply from domestic sources earlier this year. Currently, the first three units at the Kaiga plant are running at 70% capacity due to shortage of fuel.

“We would like to raise the capacity of the first three units to 100% and add two more units at Kaiga,” Jain said. The fifth and the sixth pressurized heavy water reactors at the plant may be of 700 mw each. “Our site selection committee has evaluated the option of setting up two more reactors at Kaiga and has concluded it’s suitable. We await government approval,” said Chairman and Managing Director Shreyans Kumar Jain.

Nuclear Power Corp is currently setting up four pressurized heavy water reactors of 700 mw each. Two of these are at Kakrapar in Gujarat, while the other two are at Rawatbhata in Rajasthan. “We are currently working on four units, by March we hope to start work on four more,” Jain said.

(The correspondent was in Karnataka recently at the invitaton of NPCIL)
src: ET 
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