22 March 2012

Heart touching pictures

Heart touching pictures

1. Hope dies last. Photographer - Zilvinas Valeika.




2. Cat's House.




3. Feats are priceless.




4. A faithful friend.




5. The flow of time.




6. Neighbors.




7. On the roof. Photographer - Julia Kurbatova.




8. High five.






9. Ku-ku.




10. Who are you?




11. Everybody loves cartoons.




12. Love knows no age. The celebration of March 8 in Belgrade.




13. Smoking is bad for you.




14. My friend. "My 3-year-old son Charlie, - says the author of the photo Blake Zickefoose, - made
​​friends with this caterpillar and named it worm-dog."




15. Man is a friend for a dog.




16. Downhill of life.


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