22 March 2012

Photos - Real & Rare....

Photos - Real & Rare....

Satellite Photo: Space Shuttle Tragedy

Tsunami Strikes
Phuket, Thailand

Air Force Jets in U.S.A. Formation

World's Biggest Dog

Highest Bridge in the World

Largest Cat

Home Computer of the Future as Envisioned in 1954

Fishermen with Giant Catfish

Cloud Formation Resembles 'Hands of God'i¿½

Black & White Twins

Albino Fawn

Human Remains Found in Crocodile

Illegal Alien Hides in Dashboard

A Snake, Fishing

Giant Skeleton Found in Middle East

Giant Texas Gator

Dog Meets Porcupine

Pres. Bush Fishing in Hurricane

North Pole Sunset

Giant Grizzly Bear

Wacky ' Drunk Building'

Hand-Feeding Hummingbirds

Strange Boat


Monster Crocodile in the Congo

Tourist Atop World Trade Center, 9/11/01

Cruel Shoes

Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai

Shark Attacks Helicopter

Sandstorm in Iraq


Alligator's Lunch

Cash Seized in Drug Bust

Space Nebula Resembles Human Eye

MiG Jet Fighter Found Buried in

Dead Frog Found in Can of Peas

Herman the Giant Bunny

The Sundarbans Ghost

Live 'Worm' in Patient's Eye

Catfish Eats Rubber Ball

Christmas at Arlington Cemetery

Montana Forest Fire

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