23 January 2006

rubik's cube

This is the puzzle which made me busy for the whole month. If any one is not aware about this funny cube he will simply say how nerd i am. but take my words you'll ponder for its solution amateures even cant make a single side. for u i'm putting some facts about it. In the words of Erno rubik:
"It was wonderful, to see how, after only a few turns, the colors became mixed, apparently in random fashion. It was tremendously satisfying to watch this color parade. Like after a nice walk when you have seen many lovely sights you decide to go home, after a while I decided it was time to go home, let us put the cubes back in order. And it was at that moment that I came face to face with the Big Challenge: What is the way home?" - Erno Rubik
The story behind rubik's cube:
The world's most famous puzzle, simultaneously beloved and despised for it's beautiful simple complexity, the Rubik's Cube has been frustrating gamers since Erno Rubik invented it back in 1974. Over the years many brave gamers have whole-heartedly taken up the challenge to restore a mixed Rubik's cube to it's colorful and perfect original configuration, only to find the solution lingering just out of their grasp time and time again. After spending hours and days twisting and turning the vaunted cube in vain, many resorted to removing and replacing the multi-colored facelets of the cube in a dastardly attempt to cheat the seemingly infallible logic of the cube, while others simply tossed it to the side and dubbed it impossible. The Rubik's cube, it seemed, had defeated all. Humanity required a solution, so many intelligent gamers went to work to take down the so-called "frustration cube". Amazingly, not only did they discover a solution, they formulated many of them, ranging from beginner-level to advanced.
The World record for it is set to 11.17 secs.
And i'm also not much far away with onlu 3min 13secs.
i hope one day i'll be able to sat a world record, till then bye.
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