30 July 2009

Fantastic Fat Burning Exercises For a Trimmer Body

Effective exercises focused on fat burning need not be overly
complicated or too intense. A simple exercise that meets your
needs in fat reduction is listed below.

Walk Away From Flab

Low impact exercises like walking are said to be more calorie
reducing than fast action exercise. Walking is especially great
for people who want to burn fat and lose weight but do not want
to put a lot of stress on their joints. Walking is an easy
exercise that costs nothing.

Begin by walking for 10 to 20 at a time. Go at a comfortable
pace, and increase your speed each day. Don't overexert
yourself. You can tell if you're going too fast for your fitness
level if you can't talk normally while walking. Reduce the speed
a little until you become more fit. Add some small hand weights
to get a better walking workout. This will burn more fat and
calories, as well as promote muscle gain.

Dance Away the Fat

Dance is fast gaining popularity for weight reduction and
keeping a trim and slim body. When you are dancing, you'll have
so much fun that you'll forget you're exercising.

30 minutes of Ballet burns off 200 calories and ballroom
dancing up to 189 calories for a 150 pound person.

So it's true that dancing burns calories, but how is it a great
fat burner? Aerobic and anaerobic exercise is caused by the slow
and fast movements of dancing. The anaerobic system which uses
energy stored in the muscles is triggered by using fast-paced
dance steps, while dancing with slower steps ignites the aerobic
system which uses stored carbohydrates for energy. Since most
dances incorporate both types of movement, it switches these
body systems on and off constantly, thus burning more fat and
calories as well as building muscle that in turn burns more fat.

Jogging for Less Jiggle

Another exercise that is great for fat burning is jogging. 238
calories are burned by a 150-pound person from just 30 minutes
of jogging. You can improve your burn rate by making use of both
the aerobic and anaerobic systems while jogging. Walk at a
steady, medium pace for only two minutes to start. Then try
jogging for two minutes. Alternate the two for 30 minutes. What
makes the workout more effective is the exchange between the
fast and slow exercises, turning on and off the aerobic and
anaerobic systems.

Muscling in on Fat

Muscle, as mentioned above, helps you to burn more fat. Because
muscle raises your metabolism, the more calories you can burn in
a shorter period of time. Weightlifting is one of the most
effective ways of building muscle.

You will want to start with a lightweight barbell. An optimal
initial weight is five pounds. Do ten lifts with the dumbbell as
a test. Heavier weight should be tried if you can do 10 easily.
If ten repetitions are not possible, go to a lighter weight.
Rotating between weightlifting and fat burning exercises is the
most beneficial.

By choosing the best fat burning exercises for you, pounds will
start to shed like you've never seen.

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