04 July 2008

Bandh or Hartal: Is this the only way?

I do not write about politics or anything related to it. Even i never give a damn to all the political gimmicks our ministers play and make mockery of our Constitution and our beliefs and faith. But when due to their selfishness and to preserve their vote bank, hit the normal life and routine of Indian citizens then i can not stop myself from writing this.

The general peace loving people never demand of any thing other than peace and comfort of life.

But when Bandh or Hartal and sometimes riots are called then it severely disrupts the normal life. Many people who don't even know the cause of the bandh called and even not interested were troubled a lot by these bandh.

After every one week we came to hear this party is called an all India bandh or that party is calling the same, not for the matters of making India proud or for the right causes such as against reservation , lack of electricity, water and necessary amenities of life, but they will call for those matters which we really do not need at all.

How much India got affected can be judged by the following news links:

Even govt also keep mum to preserve their own vote bank, and we the common people are on stake.
Everyone think that all this will continue and cannot be checked, but yes this can be checked if we common people came into the play and take the charge of governing India by pride, self-respect and honour.

The day is not far when we will be at the apex, bu our own deeds and not depending upon these money and power hounding ministers.

This i've written b'coz of an article written by Mr. Dhananjay Mahapatra in today's Times Of India, named ‘Anyone can hold this country to ransom today’ at page 8, it really moved me. Thanks Dhananjay to write such an interesting and eye-opening article.

It goes like this:
Anyone can hold this country to ransom today

New Delhi: As violence and protests brought normal life to a standstill in different parts of the country due to the VHP’s bandh call, the Supreme Court on Thursday slammed the state governments for their inaction.
It said the governments were holding back in the fear of antagonising potential vote banks in an election year even if these groups breached law and order, putting lakhs of common people to inconvenience. And when the courts step in to give people relief, the executive cries “judicial overreach”, the judges said.
What started as a critical comment on a local issue — frequent blockades of National Highway 31A, the sole link between Sikkim and the rest of India, by pro- and anti-Gorkhaland agitationists — soon developed into a torrent of criticism from the apex court.

While directing the governments of West Bengal and Sikkim, the Centre and the Gorkhaland agitationists to keep NH-31A open to traffic round the year, the court counted the incidents — regional jingoism in Maharashtra, uprooting of rail tracks and blockade of highways during the Gujjar agitation, blockade of NH-31A and the recent Hyderabad bandh — and said governments have not acted sternly against those who throw normal life out of gear.

Anyone can hold this country to ransom today. Somewhere the roads are blocked, at other places rail tracks are uprooted and in some other place there is a bandh because of which even supply of medicines are stopped. And the governments do not act because somebody tells them it is election year,” a bench comprising Justices Altamas Kabir and G.S. Singhvi said.

“The entire country is going to be ruined,” the court lamented while continuing its sniping at the governments’ unexplained reluctance to act sternly against those who disrupt normal life.
Those who were required to act in accordance with the mandate of the Constitution were parties to all these disruptions, the court said, adding: Rajasthan faced the music for 45 days.Those who have muscle power can hold everyone to ransom. Whether lakhs of commoners suffer is of least concern to the authorities. It takes just 15 students in a university to bring the entire institution to a stand still. During the Hyderabad bandh, seven persons lost their lives because all supplies, including food and medicines, were hit,” it said.

The executive does not do anything. Everyone waits for the courts to pass an order. The administration is shoving everything to the court. When the court passes some order, they wriggle out saying they did not do anything, it was the courts. And a little later, they cry wolf saying the orders were examples of judicial overreach... the courts were stepping on their toes. This is not fair,” the bench said.

Take for example the Maharashtra incidents. Somebody says something and the entire state burns. The government declares that ‘we will take stern action’. These statements are made to fool the people of this country,” it said.

On the issue of the blockade of NH-31A, Sikkim government counsel A. Mariarputham demanded that the Centre and West Bengal should ensure free flow of traffic and goods on the national highway as the blockade has severely affected normal life in the state.

The bench directed the states, the Centre and the five groups connected with Gorkhaland agitation — Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, Sikkim-Darjeeling Joint Action Forum, Amra Bangali, Jan Jagran Manch and Jan Chetna Manch — to ensure that NH-31A is not blocked at any cost.

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