25 July 2008

Types of Love

Love, the word has got so many meaning,understanding and thoughts. But what love is can be judged by a few. What is true love is even more hard to understand and infer.
Mostly Love is always taken as between two person either ur girlfriend or ur wife and most funny of all The Love at first sight. But Love is still more diverse, Complicated and unbounding. True love is really a mixture of Sympathy,care, belief,forgiveness and power to bear the pain.
Its really tough to find a true love, but still life goes on, whether we loves some on or just showing an impression that we love.
The true love is something which in unending and passionate. The love of a mother for her baby, love for ur family and moreover love towards yourself are some unending love existing in the world. But still many say everyday "I Love You".
In the same comic sense of everyday love, check out these pic:

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