15 September 2009

Simple Weight Loss Solutions for Moms

There are some great diet plans on the market, but they all require a total and complete overhaul of your life starting now. What mom has time to organize something like that especially when the rest of family is likely to rebel? 
Fortunately there is an easy solution to losing weight; a solution that requires small changes over time that adds up to significant weight loss. It might take a little longer to reach your goal weight, but the journey will be easier, smoother and steadier. 
Each of the tips given below should be implemented one at a time. Once one has become "habit", you can add the next. You can make these changes daily although it would be better if you spread them out so you have time to incorporate one change before adding a new one. The goal is make tiny, simple changes that you barely feel.
1. Stop drinking calories. This means switching from sugary colas to diet. Swapping mochas for skinny lattes with sugar free vanilla. Drink skim milk instead of whole (you can transition to low fat first). Stop drinking juice (eat fruit instead). The only except is V-8 tomato-based drink or the diet juice. The best switch is to substitute drinks to quench thirst (as opposed to those you have with a meal) with water. By swapping high calorie sodas and other drinks with diet and low calorie options you'll save hundreds of calories a day without sacrificing your thirst.
2. Get moving. Exercise isn't just about losing weight; it's about keeping the body working right. The older you get, the less efficient your body can get especially if you don't move it. Life becomes very small if you have limited mobility. You don't have to join a gym or run a marathon though. Bundle the kids up and go outside. Play tag or hide-n-seek with them. If your child is a baby, put them in a stroller or better yet a baby pack and go for a walk or hike. Or wait until your spouse is home and go for a walk on your own. It will clear your head and give you time away from it all. Consider taking a class... a dance class, tennis lesson...whatever sounds fun to you.
3. Switch to Whole Grain. It's really important to make sure the package says "Whole" grain or wheat. Multi-grain is not the same. Whole grains have all the great stuff that keeps you healthy, but also the fiber that fills you up. Instead of white bread, eat whole wheat. You can get whole grain in rice, cereal, bagels, English muffins, etc. They are better for you, have all the good carbs, and will help you feel fuller faster.
4. Discover the size of a serving and stick to it. One of the biggest problems contributing to weight issues in the US is that servings are getting bigger or that people don't pay attention to a serving. Did you know a serving of cereal is anywhere from 1/2 to 1 cup? Most people fill the whole bowl (2 cups). Check labels to learn what a serving size is and compare it to what you'd normally eat. You'll likely discover you've eaten two servings even before you have seconds. 
5. Fill up with good stuff. Snacking is my biggest problem. I'm always hungry after dinner. Instead of having high calorie, high sugar snacks, choose healthy options like air popped popcorn (spray with Pam and sprinkle popcorn seasoning). It's filling and has lots of fiber. Other options are a handful of almonds, a tablespoon of peanut butter in celery or an apple, vanilla yogurt, or frozen berries. 
6. Choose lower calorie goodies. I still eat chocolate (daily), but I limit it to 150 calories. That's 1 Peppermint Patty or 2 squares of Lindt 70% chocolate. I buy low fat, no-sugar ice cream that has up to half the fat and calories. You can have treats, but you have to be able to limit the amount you eat. 
These are just a handful of easy changes even a busy mom can make to lose weight and improve health.
src: http://www.articlemarketer.com/ by Leslie Truex
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