08 August 2008


I you believe that the number 8 is lucky, you should not let this once in a lifetime opportunity to make 8/8/08 a memorable milestone in your life! Since this is once in a lifetime, you should plan waaay in advance or else other people will reserve this date ahead of you.
8/8/08 has a nice ring to it, don't you think? After the frenzy created this year on 7-7-07, a popular wedding date considered lucky by many, wedding vendors and engaged couples are looking out for the next extra-popular date. August 8, 2008 falls on a Friday, so it likely won't be quite as popular as the 7/7/07, which was a Saturday. However, since 8 is an extremely lucky number in Chinese culture, watch for huge numbers of Chinese weddings on this day.

One photographer in Chicago, who asked to be anonymous, said that he had already received 20 inquiries about this date from his primarily Chinese clientele. He is considering charging extra due to the high demand. Lily Lambert, a Tennessee photographer said that she had made the mistake of booking early for 7/7/07, before she realized how popular it would be. Now she's holding out for a truly spectacular wedding on 8/8/08. "With such high demand, I want to reserve August 8 for a lavish wedding that will be really fun to shoot."

But it's not just Chinese couples that are considering 8/8/08. Couples like dates such as these because they sound cool, and are easy to remember. And while Friday weddings are less popular, they are often cheaper. If you can find vendors not trying to make an extra profit, 8/8/08 allows you to get the Friday deals without looking cheap to your friends. Now that's what I call a lucky day.

Here are top 10 ideas on what you should do on August 8, 2008, Friday:
1. Book your wedding now for those planning to get married in 2008, the year of the Rat! I'm sure all the churches and restaurant venues will be booked way in advance.
2. Plan to give birth on this day so Nov should be the love month for you. If your son is born on this day, you can call him lucky eight :)
3. Since this falls on a friday, schedule your dream vacation during this time to mark this milestone.
4. Earn my first $1,000,000 in the internet (this is my personal goal on 8/8/08)
5. Buy a lotto ticket, raffle tickets or join any contest on this day and prove to yourself if this is indeed a lucky day.
6. If you are thinking of resigning from your work and moving on with the new phase of your career, why not do it on this day to make a statement. Make this your liberation day or the day you get out of the rat race.
7. Plan a 8/8/08 consumer promotion for your company.
8. If I were the president, I would make this a special non working holiday! We have time to lobby to make this a special non-working holiday. Lets start an email petition for this :)
9. Watch the opening of Beijing Olympics! It is scheduled from aug. 8 to 24, 2008.
10. Collect 8/8/08 memorabilia -- all the news papers, magazines, memos, etc. including the opening memorabilia of the beijing olympics.
So what will you do on August 8, 2008? Let me know in the comments...

About 8/8/8 from Bible:

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