04 August 2008

Let's Think....Our Responsibility !!!

Let's Think …. Bihar gives most talented and intellectual people to
the country and the world, But Bihar is not one of the most developed
and Respected state in the country….?

Let's Think …. Bihar gives maximum number of Engineers ,Managers,
Doctors ,Politicians and other professionals, But Bihar is not
giving any big entrepreneur to the world….?

Let's Think …. Bihar has one of the best fertile lands in the world,
But Bihar is not maximum producer of crops and grains even in the
Let's Think …. Bihar has enormous capacity to produce Hydro-Power,
But Bihar is one of the least electricity producing and consuming
state in the country….?
Let's Think …. Bihari are building Roads, dams and other
infrastructure projects, But Bihar is lacking all basic
infrastructure… .?
Let's Think …. Bihari are insulted everywhere but maximum educated
and uneducated Bihari are going outside for the job….?
Let's Think …. Bihar has given Gautama Buddha and Bihar has a very
glorious history, but today Bihar is considered as one of the most
notorious states for Crime, corruption and poverty….?

Let's think.... every related issue seriously, let's ask some questions
from us…. will other people from outside Bihar will come to Bihar and
solve these problems …?

Let's realize our responsibility for the place where we born and brought up….

Let's think what we can do for the Economical and Social development of Bihar…..

Let's Imagine, Discuss and work together…. to Reconstruct Bihar, to
Bring back its past Glory, to make Bihar an Ideal place to live and
work…Let's take first step for the big change …..


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