05 August 2008

Shri D.N. Gautam: D.G.P. Bihar

Bihar Police now shines with dignity and glory

A poet, a thinker,a gentleman but The Toughest Police Officer of India, Shri D.N. Gautam has been posted as D.G.P. Bihar..Now, C.M. Shri Nitish Kumar has honored the honesty, sincerity, dedication and impartiality.

Now I.P.S. officers of Bihar are thinking that Being D.N.Gautam also, one can be D.G.P. of the state..
Shri Gautam and Shri Kishor Kunal has been the milestones for the young I.P.S officers of Bihar..But, somehow, it was in their minds that toughness with modesty, principled-stand with honesty, may block the shining career of I.P.S.

But, this decision of the C.M. has kindled positiveness towards dutifulness in hearts of the officers of Bihar.

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Anonymous said...

If Mr. C M of bihar acts like this and appoint all honest police officer on responsible post, no need to say Bihar will be like Japan soon, I am in Dubai but I am planing back to Bihar and invest for our Bihar.
Thanks Nitish

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