06 August 2008

Shaunak: Muzaffarpur boy tops global maths olympiad

A US-born student of Indian origin, Shaunak (18), who is the grandson of Muzaffarpur' s eminent surgeon, Dr Birendra Kishore, has won a gold medal in the 49th International Mathematics Olympiad held at Madrid in Spain between July 10 and 22.

The six-member team he led from the United States has topped the Olympiad among 103 participating nations.

According to Dr Kishore, Shaunak had been selected to the six-member team after a year-long tough competition among 2.50 lakh US students of the age group of 15-20 years.

In his team, four got gold medals and two silver medals in the Olympiad. The Indian team was ranked 37th in the global competition this year.

Dr Kishore said after topping Plus 2 examination in Philadelphia (US), Shaunak has taken admission in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there.

During his student life so far, he has won nearly 150 medals in different competitions and, according to a convention prevailing there for meritorious students, he had engaged mathematics class of Class X when he was himself a student of Class VII.

Shaunak's father Sheel Kishore, son-in-law of former chief justice of Supreme Court L N Sharma is the vice-president in a Dutch firm there. After passing from IIT, Kanpur, he had left his father's house here and settled in the US in 1984.

Dr Kishore told newsmen that he was proud to be the grandfather of such a meritorious student.

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