06 August 2009

Dieting To Stay Fit and loose weight

Obesity is a problem which is on the increase in the United
States. Even though many people are not seem obese, they may
still be overweight. Many people attempt to lose weight with
diet, but every attempt proves to be a failure on their part.
They fail because they are ignorant of the key to dieting
success. Their approach to dieting is all wrong.

Many people view their diet as purely physical in nature. They
think that if they diet they will eat less food and it will help
them to loose their weight and they will stay thin from then on.
But overeating and the ability to stick to a restrictive diet is
not a physical problem. It is a mental and emotional problem. So
it is better that you exercise your body and mind together so
that you keep fit.

The importance to dieting is to find a diet to which you can
stick. You have to find a dieting habit which would work for
you. After you find the diet which fits you, you have to be
mentally committed to it, no matter whatever happens. The key to
dieting success is all in your hands and in your mind. Make up
your mind and success will be yours. It truly is all in your
mind and your key to dieting success.

Tips for successful dieting and staying fit.

• Make it a habit to walk or go for cycling for 30 minutes
every day.
• Consume a fruit every day in your empty stomach.
• Take in lots of vegetables with your lunch.
• Avoid snacks and fast foods.
• You have to eat once in three hours.

Dieting means not only losing body weight, but also being
healthy and fit. To loose weight means to burn more calories
than you take in.

Understand these six simple steps to dieting:

• You should keep track of the amount of calories that you take
in each day. Try to count the calories in what ever you eat or
even drink. Put it down in black and white.

• At the end of the day you should total all the calories that
you had through out the day. Be sincere to your self and do the

• Just try to reduce the calorie intake with a standard
measure. This standard depends on your capacity and your kind of
job that you would be doing every day.

• Try to have 5 small meals a day. Do not go in for three big
meals in a day. Nor should you eat through out the day. Eat
every 3 hours so that your metabolism speeds up and you can
loose your weight.

• Workouts related to cardio are also important part of weight
loss. In addition to keeping a watch on your dieting you should
also do some work outs to burn your calories.

• Finally at the end of the week weight yourself. If there has
been a change then stick to the same routine. This means that
your body has adapted to the changes well.
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