02 August 2009

Lose Cellulite causing side abs Without Even Breaking a Sweat!

Cellulite is a problem that almost 95% of all women are faced
with. Dimpled, uneven fat bulges give a cottage cheese
appearance to the skin of the thighs and rear end areas. Many
believe that it's just something they have to put up with, and
try hiding it under long dresses and pants. Be brave! You CAN
reduce and eliminate cellulite for good. Here are some of the

Let's start with a definition of cellulite.

Beneath the dermis, a fibrous network layer called septae
connects the skin to the underlying layer of fat, holding them
together. When the layer of fat pokes through septae, creating
the view of ripples, cellulite is formed. To illustrate this,
picture a fishnet being stretched over gelatin. As the strands
of the net pull against it, the gelatin bulges through the
openings. This is what happens when the septae and fat create
ripples under the skin.

Cellulite is particularly troublesome to older women because
the holes in the septae's net have become larger and the skin is
thinner, which makes the fat bulges more obvious.

Exercise does not get rid of cellulite. To achieve a smoother
appearance you have to target the skin and fat cells.

Two Steps to Beat Cellulite:

Don't depend on liposuction and surgery. According to studies,
massaging the area affected by cellulite is one of the most
effective methods of eliminating it. Amazingly, easy direct
kneading of the area alleviates some of the defective

Keeping the area cool has proven to have a smoothing effect
when it comes to cellulite. Consider putting an easy dual
approach into your morning routine.

On a daily basis, try to end your shower or bath with a cold
blast of water on the area of your body that is badly affected
with cellulite.

Gently towel dry, then massage a little baby oil into the
cellulite. Repeat this oily massage for approximately ten

After about two weeks, you will start to notice improvement.

How does this method work? Keep in mind that cellulite is
composed of small groups of fat cells pushed towards the skin's
surface. Cooling and manipulating the skin sends the bumpy fat
back down below the septae, again decreasing the pitted
appearance on the surface of the skin.

Healthy Skin has a Smooth Appearance

When skin ages, much of its collagen and suppleness is lost,
causing the skin to sag. This is why its important to prevent
loss of collagen and elasticity, because it will cause cellulite
look worse.

You can prevent elasticity loss by following each shower or
bath with a quality moisturizer. Collagen is an ingredient in
some of the best moisturizers available. Using them provides
collagen for your skin as you work on getting it firm.

Firming lotion such as Jergens Firming Daily Moisturizer can
greatly benefit the skin and return elasticity and suppleness
even though there may be a noticeable amount of sagging. Many
firming moisturizers have been proven, through clinical studies,
to be effectively tighten skin. As you find your skin
tightening, mostly you will also find the appearance of
cellulite reducing, as well.

The best way to rid yourself of cellulite is by taking a little
time each day to cool, moisturize and firm your skin. Now
there's no reason to avoid those skimpy skirts and tiny shorts!

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