08 August 2009

Keeping the Weight Off During Pregnancy

Were you ever curious about why celebrities find it easy to get
back to their pre-pregnancy weight? The reason is that they only
gain enough weight for the development of a healthy baby. Any
weight that is from the baby's development, placenta, womb, and
additional blood supply for the baby, is not considered extra
weight. According to many physicians, the majority of women can
give birth to a healthy baby without gaining too much weight.
With these tips, you will know how to avoid gaining those extra

Normal vs. Extra Weight Gain

The first thing you must understand is how much weight gain is
normally expected during pregnancy as opposed to what is
considered to be too much weight gain.

The average woman will put on 25 to 35 pounds during the nine
months of pregnancy; underweight women should put on 28-40
pounds, and an already overweight woman should only gain 15 to
25 pounds. In most cases, this weight is gained slowly during
the course of the pregnancy. During the first trimester, you can
expect to lose 2 to 4 pounds; each week thereafter about 1 or 2
pounds is gained until delivery.

What purpose does this weight serve? This weight includes the
growing baby, your womb, tissues and everything else that is
necessary for development of a healthy baby.

Detailed accounting of weight gain:

* The baby's weight will be approximately 7 to 8 pounds.
* The uterus will weigh 2 to 5 pounds.
* The placenta surrounding the fetus weighs approximately 2 or
3 pounds.
* The breast tissue has expanded and now weighs about 2 or 3
* Fat held in reserve for nursing and delivery account for 5 to
9 more pounds.
* The weight of the amniotic fluid is about 2 or 3 pounds.
* Four pounds of weight comes from the extra blood needed for
the baby.

Generally speaking, any weight gain above these amounts is
extraneous and is not necessary for the development and growth
of the baby. It is this weight that proves so difficult to
eliminate after the birth of the baby.

Eating for Two

Eating for two is a fallacy and may cause pregnant women to
gain more weight than necessary. Celebrities are aware that a
healthy woman must merely consume an extra 100 to 300 calories
daily for development of a healthy baby. This is about the same
amount of calories found in a bowl of cereal and an apple. You
may be disappointed to hear that if you are consuming more than
that amount, the extra calories are being stored as fat. During
your pregnancy you may not notice the extra fat, but when you
try to get into your pre-pregnancy clothes, it will become
painfully apparent.

Therefore, in order to avoid gaining too much weight, it is
vital that you refrain from frequent splurging while pregnant.
Keep your food choices smart by eating more fresh fruits and
vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. This nutrition is
vital for the growth of your baby and it helps keep you fit and
trim as well.

Move that Baby Bump

You will frequently see pictures of pregnant celebrities out
for a walk in all of the tabloid magazines. Have you ever
wondered why? According to most physicians, there is no problem
with healthy expectant mothers exercising. Going for a long walk
can assist in burning off any extra calories eaten during your
last craving session, and your mood may improve too due to the
increased blood flow. This is just another secret way in which
stars keep their weight in check!

Please note that this advice only applies to healthy women who
have consulted their doctors about not gaining excess weight
during pregnancy. It is unwise for women to avoid gaining weight
at all during her pregnancy as this could result in unhealthy
side effects for both the mother and the fetus. Once more,
consult with your physician.
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