03 August 2009

Stemulite Helps You Sleep Better

Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle each night can be a challenge
for most people, especially if stress, anxiety and tension are
interfering with natural relaxation.

Deep sleep is essential for muscle cell repair and tissue
growth, and when this is compromised, the result can be fatigue,
lethargy, and feelings of low motivation the following day.
Stemulite offers an all-natural solution for improving the
quality of sleep and encouraging healthy cell and tissue repair
overnight. The key ingredients in Stemulite work synergistically
to encourage the REM sleep stage – the critical stage of sleep
for restoration and rejuvenation – so that anyone can enjoy the
benefits of a good night's rest.

Whether you're battling insomnia or need a valuable supplement
for muscle growth and repair, consider these key benefits of
Stemulite for better health:

How Stemulite Works Overnight

As the body winds down into the deepest sleep stage, melatonin
production steadily increases. Melatonin is a naturally
occurring hormone that is also a powerful antioxidant. It helps
reduce brain deterioration and regulates the circadian rhythmus
that help promote deep sleep, but a healthy supply of melatonin
can be depleted by stress, a poor sleep cycle or dietary
imbalances. Melatonin supplements are often prescribed to those
with sleep disorders and severe cases of insomnia, as it can
help re-configure circadian rhythms to a healthy level.

Stemulite contains a high concentration of melatonin so that
the sleep cycle can be restored to a healthy level. This
naturally results in an improvement of the cellular repair
process so that tissues are repaired overnight and muscle growth
can take place. This is especially important for athletes and
bodybuilders who are exercising regularly at a high intensity;
the damage to cells and muscles can be restored with a healthy
level of sleep, and melatonin can help with this process.
Stemulite also contains L-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid and
Indium that encourage muscle growth and cellular repair in
conjunction with melatonin.

Key Benefits of Taking Stemulite Overnight

The Stemulite overnight formula offers several benefits for
athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking
for a way to improve their health. It can help to:

• Improve the level of cellular repair

• Reduce the impact of oxidative stress from the day

• Increase muscle size and strength

• Decrease the perception of stress throughout the day

• Improve mood and increase energy after a good night's rest

• Reduce dependency on sleep aids and other relaxation-inducing

• Expel toxins from the body for improved detoxification

• Regulate emotions and mental health

REM sleep is extremely critical to healthy brain repair and
muscle development, but is often compromised because of poor
health, an unbalanced lifestyle, and excessive stress. Most
people who are missing out on the quality REM sleep cycle
experience chronic fatigue, a high sensitivity to stress, and
poor health during the day; unfortunately, few people realize
that these conditions are a result of poor sleep. Natural
supplements such as Stemulite can decrease these unhealthy
states and restore healthier sleep patterns for better
performance, and better health.
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