14 March 2011

Consume at least one cup of coffee everyday to cut 25% probability of a heart attack esp in women

It has been scientifically found that women who consume at least one cup of coffee everyday have a good heart. Coffee cuts 25% probability of a heart attack. This research work has been done by the Swedish scientists.
The researchers have notified that those women who do not consume coffee are at an increased risk of having a heart attack.
However, the researchers have also concluded that the reports were preliminary and one should not make any changes related to coffee drinking habits.
For the analysis purpose, the team of scientists headed by Larsson collected sample data for over 34,670 women aged 49 to 83.
"Results from our study in women showed that consumption of 1 to 5 cups of coffee per day was associated with a 22 to 25 percent lower risk of stroke, compared with consumption of less than 1 cup a day”, quoted by the lead researcher Susanna Larsson, from the National Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.
She also claimed that even consuming small amount of coffee helps in decreasing the risk of having a heart attack.
The findings of the study were published in the March 10 edition of the magazine Stroke.
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