13 June 2008

billo barber

billo barber

Billo Barber, wat is this? A movie, yes definitely. But who is billo and barber!!!!!!!!! dont scratch your hair read it and enjoy...

Billo Barber has to khans SRK and the actor Irrfan Khan. The two hot Khans dont share the same hairstylist. Dont get muddle-headed. We are talking about upcoming movie produced by SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment to be directed by Priyadarshan,which will have Irrfan Khan playing the main protagonist.

SRK is collaborating with ace director Priyadarshan for a comedy flick titled, ‘ Billo Barber’. Unlike all SRK produced movie, Billo Barber will have SRK in a supporting role and Irrfan Khan is the main hero.

The director dips into the pool of Malayalam cinema for inspiration once again. This time, he picks last year's hit, Kadha Parayumbol, starring Sreenivasan and Mammootty.

Irrfan Khan will reprise Sreenivasan's role, while SRK will take up Mammootty's part.

The story for Billo Barber is inspired from the legend of Krishna and Sudama. The film is the story about friendship between a rich actor (SRK) and a poor barber (IK). The duos were langotia yaars in their childhood. But later drift apart only to meet again.

An industry insider reveals, ” Billo Barber is a story based on the relationship between Krishan and his childhood friend Sudama. Priyan is adapting this story of friendship between two friends-in a completely new avatar. Here SRK represents Krishna, he plays an actor.On the other hand Irrfan Khan represents Sudama and plays a village barber. The two are friends from school who grow up and drift until they meet again.”

The story is set in today's day and age. Billo (Irrfan Khan) plays a village barber. His business is running low because he has not been able to upgrade himself according to the changing trends.

According to rumors, SRK will be romancing three top actresses-Kareena, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone.

Juhi Chawla will play Billo's wife.

Meanwhile the lady opposite Irrfan Khan is yet to be finalized. Priyan is looking for a energetic actress like Samita Patil for the role. Most probably Ameesha Patel or Tabu will clinch the deal.

Lets see the sizzling chemistry between the two hot Khans.

This is sure a remake of sreenivasan directed malayalam superhit ‘KADHAPARAYUMBOL’

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