13 June 2008

Bihar's litti-chokha on global menu

Bihar's litti-chokha on global menu

Bihar's famous
litti and chokha [recipe] may have earned a name for its earthy taste. Now this Bihari delicacy is to be promoted for reasons very few would have ever thought of — high-fibre content and low calorie.

On his maiden visit to Bihar as corporate chef of
ITDC-affiliated Ashoka Group of Hotels, M S Gupta has marked these qualities and is planning to promote these food items both at the national and international levels.

People these days have become health conscious. Apart from being tasty, litti and chokha , are rich in fibre and low on calorie. This will certainly suit the taste of those looking for a combination of tasty and healthy food," Gupta told TOI on Tuesday. He said both these items would be included in the menu of Ashoka Group of hotels and served at the international food festivals to be organized by ITDC in Germany and Hungary later this year.

Gupta does not want to make it a one-way traffic. He also plans to provide Biharis with an opportunity to have a taste of delicacies from Pakistan's North West Frontier Province. "
We are going to organize a Pakhtoon Food Festival in Patna in the third week of July where Patnaites will get a chance to taste Pakhtoon dishes like Paththar Kawab, Sakahat Kawab and Chicken Hazarwi", he said.

Having catered to the taste buds of the likes of former
US President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Gupta, a member of the elite Club Chef de Chef, shared some of the favourite items which these VVIPs love to have on their plates.

Clinton is a food connoisseur. During his official visit to India in the year 2000 he enjoyed all the Indian specialities served. I also invented a special soup, Kesariya Badam Shorba, for him which he appreciated very much,” he said.

PM Manmohan Singh a simpleton in terms of his choice for food, Gupta said he had special preference for grilled items and sugar-free deserts. "Soniaji, on the other hand, is a soup-lover. I recently invented a special soup for her made of pumpkin," he said.

"Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee loves deep-fried item and has a special liking for grilled fish," Gupta added.
Having worked as a senior to
Shef Sanjeev Kapoor, Gupta has a mantra for making food tasty. "A food cooked with patience and affection is bound to be tasty,"

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