12 June 2008

Collection of Online e-news on First Bihar Science Conference,2008

Collection of Online e-news on First Bihar Science Conference,2008: Organised by BiharBrains at Department of Physics, Patna University(Patna Science College campus)

1.Luminaries to foster science environment in the state
http://www.magnific entbihar. com/video/ biharbrains. htm

2.Dr. Kalam Accepts Invitation to Bihar Science Conference
www.patnadaily. com/news2008/ apr/040908/ dr_kalam_ to_attend_ science_conventi on.html

3. Kalam to address first Bihar Science Conference on May 7
http://news. oneindia. mobi/2008/ 05/01/612460. html

4.Bihar government asks Kalam to skip conference

http://www.indiaene ws.com/politics/ 20080503/ 115590.htm

http://www.indiaene ws.com/pdf/ 115590.pdf

http://in.news. yahoo.com/ indiaabroad/ 20080503/ r_t_ians_ sc/tsc-bihar- government- asks-kalam- to-skip-1bdf89b. html

http://samachaar. in/Bihar/ Bihar_government _asks_Kalam_ to_skip_conferen ce_35943/

5. Govt. withdraws from Bihar Science Congress, Kalam not to attend

http://www.bihartim es.com/newsbihar /2008/May/ newsbihar03May1. html

6. Please do not come to Bihar: Nitish to Kalam
http://www.mumbaimi rror.com/ net/mmpaper. aspx?page= article§id= 3&contentid=200805042 0080504021900651 dd9551ef&pageno=1

7.Nitish: scientific research should be used in human interest
Three-day science conference begins

http://magnificentb ihar.com/ more-news. php?id=679

8.Dr. Kalam not to attend science congress as government withdraws support

http://magnificentb ihar.com/ more-news. php?id=674

9.Bihar Science Congress 2008 Inaugurated

http://www.voiceofb ihar.com/ blog/view/ id_49/

10.Scientific research must for human beings: Nitish

http://www.outlooki ndia.com/ pti_news. asp?gid=65&id=569056

11.Jagran`s Coverage

http://in.jagran. yahoo.com/ news/local/ bihar/4_4_ 4427484/

12.CM Inaugurates First Bihar Science Conference Conference

http://www.patnadai ly.com/news2008/ may/050708/ science_conferen ce.html

13. CM Inaugurated First Bihar Science Conference at Science College,Patna

http://cm.bih. nic.in/Event. htm

13.Bihar Science Congress uncertain
http://www.hindu. com/thehindu/ holnus/004200805 031521.htm

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